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Hallie Meaning and Origin

Hallie is a girl’s name of Norse and English origin, meaning “dweller at the meadow by the manor.” The name Hallie has various origins and meanings. It can be derived from the Old Norse name Halla, meaning “rock” or “dweller at the rocks.” It can also be a diminutive form of the name Harriet or a variant of the name Halle, derived from the Germanic word “halla” meaning “army ruler” or “ruler of the manor.” Hallie has been in use as a given name for girls since the late 19th century. While it has never been extremely popular, it has maintained a moderate level of usage over the years. Its popularity peaked in the early 2000s but has slightly declined since then. The name Hallie can be spelled in different ways, including Halle, Hally, Hali, Hailey, Hayley, and Haley.

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