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Iaera Meaning and Origin

Iaera is a girl’s name of Latin from Greek origin, meaning “nymph, healer.” The name “Iaera” has its roots in ancient Greek mythology. It is derived from the Greek word “iairos,” which means “healer” or “physician.” In Greek mythology, Iaera was the daughter of Autolycus, a skilled thief and trickster, and Amphithea. She was known for her healing abilities and was often associated with the art of medicine. Iaera is a name that carries an air of mystique and ancient history. With its origins deeply rooted in Greek mythology, the name evokes images of a wise and skilled healer, someone who possesses knowledge of herbal remedies and the secrets of the natural world. The name’s uniqueness and connection to healing arts make it a distinctive choice for individuals seeking a name with historical significance and a touch of mythology.

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