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The name Idan is a boy’s name meaning “era or time” and is of Hebrew origin. In Hebrew, “Idan” means “era,” “time,” or “era of time.” It reflects the concept of a period or season, often denoting a specific time frame or era in history. The name can also carry connotations of continuity and the passage of time.The popularity of the name “Idan” varies depending on cultural, geographic, and temporal factors. In Israel and among Jewish communities worldwide, the name has been used for many years and can be found with a moderate level of frequency. However, it might not be as common as some more traditional Hebrew names. Just as time shapes the world around us, Idan stands as a timeless name that carries a touch of historical richness. Famous People Named Idan: Idan Raichel: An Israeli singer-songwriter and musician, Idan Raichel is known for his fusion of various musical styles, including Ethiopian, Latin, and Middle Eastern influences. Idan Ofer: A prominent Israeli businessman and philanthropist, Idan Ofer has made significant contributions to various industries, including shipping and natural resources. 

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