Indrani Meaning and Origin

Indrani is a girl’s name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “queen of Indra.” The name “Indrani” holds significant cultural and mythological significance. In Sanskrit, “Indra” refers to the king of the gods, ruler of heavens, and the god of thunder and rain. Adding the suffix “-ani” to “Indra” forms the feminine version of the name, resulting in “Indrani,” which means “wife of Indra” or “queen of Indra.” In Hindu mythology, Indrani is often associated with Shachi, the consort of Lord Indra. The popularity of the name Indrani varies across different cultures and regions. In countries with a Hindu or Indian cultural influence, the name might be more common due to its connection to Hindu mythology. It might be less prevalent in other parts of the world due to its specific cultural and religious associations. Indrani is a name that carries a sense of regality and divinity. It evokes images of strength, grace, and power, reminiscent of its mythological origins. The name is often chosen for girls with the hope that they embody the virtues associated with Indrani/Shachi – qualities of a devoted partner, a strong-willed individual, and a symbol of feminine strength.

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