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Kheri Meaning and Origin

Kheri is a unisex name of Swahili origin, meaning “better.” It is often used as a name for boys in East Africa. Alternatively, in Hindi and Sanskrit, Kheri can mean a “small village” or a “farmhouse.” It is a common name for rural settlements in India. Kheri is also a surname used by some people in India, especially in the northern states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. Kheri is a unique and melodious name that carries positive connotations. It reflects qualities of blessings, good fortune, and positive attributes. The name is often chosen for its meaningful significance, and its simplicity makes it easily pronounceable in various languages and cultures. The popularity of the name Kheri varies across different regions and cultures. It might not be as widely recognized as some more common names, but its uniqueness and positive meaning have contributed to its appeal among parents seeking a name with a deeper significance.

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