Koray Meaning and Origin

Koray is a boy’s name of Turkish origin, meaning “ember moon.” It is a masculine given name that holds significance and depth. The name is often derived from two Turkish words: “kor,” meaning “ember” or “fire,” and “ay,” which translates to “moon.” Therefore, the name Koray can be interpreted as “moonlight on fire” or “fiery moon.” Koray is a name that exudes a sense of individuality and strength. It has a contemporary and modern feel while retaining its Turkish origins. The name’s simplicity makes it easily recognizable and memorable.Koray is a relatively common name in Turkey and other regions with Turkish influence. It has historical and cultural roots in the Turkish language and society, making it a familiar and cherished name among the Turkish-speaking population. While not as widely known in other parts of the world, its unique meaning and resonance contribute to its popularity among those who appreciate its significance. Famous People Named Koray: Koray Avcı: A Turkish pop-rock singer and songwriter known for his powerful vocals and emotive performances. Koray Günter: A Turkish professional football (soccer) player who has played for various clubs in Turkey and Italy. Koray Candemir: A Turkish musician, composer, and songwriter who was the lead vocalist of the alternative rock band Kargo.

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