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Kotori Meaning and Origin

Kotori is a boy’s name of Native American origin, meaning “screech-owl spirit.” The name “Kotori” is particularly from the Hopi tribe. In the Hopi language, “kotori” means “screech owl.” The Hopi people are indigenous to the southwestern United States, primarily residing in northeastern Arizona. Kotori is a beautifully melodic name that reflects a connection to nature and the animal world. The screech owl, after which the name is named, holds significance in various Native American cultures as a symbol of wisdom, intuition, and insight. As a name, Kotori carries a sense of mystery and natural grace. Alternatively, the name Kotori is of Japanese origin and is primarily used as a feminine given name. In Japanese, “Kotori” translates to “small bird” or “little bird.” The name carries a charming and nature-inspired connotation, evoking the image of a delicate and free-spirited creature. Kotori is a name that exudes a sense of innocence, gentleness, and grace. The association with birds adds a touch of ethereal beauty and a connection to nature. The popularity of the name Kotori has been limited, and it is not a widely used name. 

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