Nikita Meaning and Origin

Nikita is a girl’s name meaning “unconquered and is of Russian origin. In Russia, “Nikita” is a unisex name that has been traditionally used for boys. It gained popularity during the Soviet era and has remained common since then. In Slavic languages, “Nikita” is derived from the Greek name “Niketas,” which means “victor” or “conqueror.” It is commonly used as a given name for both males and females. As mentioned earlier, “Nikita” has its roots in Greek. In Greek, it can be a feminine form of “Niketas” and also means “victorious” or “unconquerable.” In this context, it is primarily used as a feminine name. In India, “Nikita” is a feminine given name that has Sanskrit origins. It means “earth” or “existence” in Sanskrit. “Nikita” is a moderately popular name worldwide. It has gained popularity in different regions due to its diverse origins and its usage as a unisex name. 

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