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Pilar Meaning and Origin

The name Pilar is a girl’s name meaning “our lady of the pillar” and is of Spanish origin. The name Pilar comes from the Spanish word “pilar,” which translates to “pillar” in English. In a figurative sense, the term “pilar” can symbolize strength, support, and stability. The name Pilar is often associated with the Virgin Mary, particularly the title “Our Lady of the Pillar,” a revered Marian apparition in the Zaragoza region of Spain. Pilar is a name that exudes elegance and resilience. The popularity of the name Pilar has varied over time and across different cultures. In Spanish-speaking countries, Pilar has been a relatively popular name for girls. Famous People: Pilar Montenegro: A Mexican singer, actress, and composer, Pilar Montenegro gained fame as a member of the successful musical group Garibaldi before pursuing a solo career in music and acting. Pilar López de Ayala: A Spanish actress, Pilar López de Ayala, has received acclaim for her performances in both Spanish and international films. Pilar Bardem: A Spanish actress, Pilar Bardem, comes from a family of esteemed actors and has made her own mark in the world of cinema. 

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