Selah Meaning and Origin

Selah is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “praise, pause.” In Hebrew, “Selah” is primarily known for its appearance in the biblical book of Psalms. Its exact meaning is uncertain, and scholars have proposed several interpretations. Some possibilities include “pause,” “stop,” or “lift up.” In the context of the Psalms, it is believed to be a musical or liturgical term indicating a pause or a musical interlude. It could also be a call to reflect or contemplate the words that were just sung or spoken. In Arabic, “Selah” can be a feminine name derived from the root word “sila”, which means “connection” or “link.” In some African languages, Selah means “thank you” or “gratitude.” It has also been used as a variant of the name Selah or Celia, which can have different origins and meanings.

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