Tobias Meaning and Origin

The name Tobias is a boy’s name meaning “God is good” and is of Greek via Hebrew origin. The name Tobias has its roots in various cultures and languages, making it a name with diverse origins. The name is derived from the Hebrew name “Toviyah,” meaning “God is good” or “God is my good.” In the Old Testament, Tobias is the central character in the Book of Tobit, where he embarks on a journey of faith and discovery. The name has also been adopted in different forms in various languages, such as Tobias in English, TobĂ­as in Spanish, Tobiasz in Polish, and Tovia in Hebrew. Tobias is a name that exudes both strength and gentleness, combining a sense of devotion to a higher power with an approachable and amiable demeanor. The name carries a timeless charm, appealing to individuals who appreciate its historical and spiritual significance. With its origins rooted in diverse cultures, the name Tobias transcends borders and brings people together through its universal message of goodness and faith. Tobias has enjoyed a consistent level of popularity over the years, maintaining a classic and enduring appeal. It’s a name that hasn’t been overly trendy, which gives it a sense of timelessness. Famous People Named Tobias: Tobias Wolff: An American author known for his short stories and memoirs, including “This Boy’s Life” and “In Pharaoh’s Army.” Tobias Menzies: A British actor renowned for his versatile performances in both television and theater. Tobias Harris: A professional basketball player in the NBA, known for his versatile skills and leadership on the court. 

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