Uzi Meaning and Origin

The name Uzi is a boy’s name meaning “power of might, strength of God” and is of Hebrew origin. It is derived from the Hebrew name “Uziel,” which means “God is my strength” or “strength of God.” In Hebrew, “Uzi” can be considered a diminutive or informal version of the name “Uziel.” Uzi is a name that encapsulates strength and resilience with a touch of spiritual depth. Rooted in its Hebrew origins, it carries the profound meaning of relying on the strength of a higher power. The popularity of the name Uzi has experienced variations over time and is influenced by cultural trends and preferences. While it might not be as commonly encountered as some other names, its uniqueness and connection to a rich cultural heritage make it an intriguing choice for parents seeking something distinctive yet rooted in tradition. Famous People: Uzi Hitman (1952–2004): An Israeli singer and songwriter, Uzi Hitman is remembered for his contributions to Israeli music. Uzi Gal (1920-2002): Uziel Gal, often referred to as Uzi Gal, was an Israeli firearms designer who is credited with developing the Uzi submachine gun, one of the most iconic and widely used firearms in the world.

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