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Vitaly Meaning and Origin

Vitaly is a boy’s name meaning “alive” and is of Russian origin. The name Vitaly is derived from the Latin name Vitalis, which means “alive” or “life-giving.” It is a masculine name and is commonly used in Russia and other Slavic countries. In Russia, Vitaly is a relatively popular name and has been in use for many years. It has gained some international recognition as well. The name Vitaly has several variations and forms across different languages. For example, in Ukrainian, it is spelled Vіtalіy (Віталій), while in Belarusian, it is written as Vitali (Віталі). Other variations include Vito, Vitalijs, and Vitalis. There have been several notable individuals named Vitaly throughout history. Some examples include Vitaly Abalakov (a Soviet mountaineer), Vitaly Ginzburg (a Nobel Prize-winning physicist), and Vitaly Petrov (a Russian Formula One driver).

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