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Viveka is a girl’s name meaning “alive and is of Russian origin, it is a spelling variation of the Scandinavian name Viveca.  Alternatively, the name “Viveka” has its origins in several languages, most notably Sanskrit. In Sanskrit, “Viveka” means “discrimination,” “wisdom,” or “discernment.” The term signifies the ability to distinguish between truth and illusion, right and wrong, and to make thoughtful and insightful decisions. Its roots lie in the Vedantic philosophy, where “viveka” represents the power of discernment that leads to self-realization and understanding the nature of reality. Viveka is a name imbued with deep significance, evoking qualities of wisdom and clarity. It encapsulates the essence of insightful decision-making and the pursuit of truth. The name Viveka has a timeless quality, evoking a sense of ancient wisdom while remaining relevant in the modern world. Viveka is not as common as some other names, which adds to its unique charm. Its relative rarity gives it an air of distinction and exclusivity. Famous People: Viveka Babajee: A prominent Indian model and actress known for her work in the fashion industry. Viveka Davis: An American actress who has appeared in various films and television shows. 

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