Zakiya Meaning and Origin

Zakiya is a girl’s name of Arabic and Swahili African origin, meaning “pure.” In Arabic, Zakiya is a female name derived from the root word “zaki”, which means “pure,” “innocent,” or “virtuous.” It is a name that carries a positive and noble connotation. In Swahili, Zakiya (also spelled Zakia) means “intelligent” or “pure.” Zakiya is a name that exudes grace and virtue. It carries with it a sense of purity and goodness, making it a beautiful choice for a girl’s name. The popularity of the name Zakiya can vary by region and over time. It may not be as commonly used as some other names, which can make it a unique and distinctive choice for a child’s name. Famous People Named Zakiya: Zakiya Randall: An American dancer and choreographer known for her work with famous artists such as Beyoncé and Janet Jackson. Zakiya Hooker: The daughter of legendary blues musician John Lee Hooker, Zakiya is a talented singer and musician in her own right. Zakia Bari Mamo: A Bangladeshi actress and model known for her work in Bengali films and television dramas.

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