Adora Meaning and Origin

The name Adora is a girl’s name meaning “adored” and is of Latin origin. Adora comes from the Latin word “adorare,” which means “to adore” or “to worship.” In Spanish, it is often associated with the verb “adorar,” which carries a similar meaning. Adora can also be derived from the Hebrew word “ador,” which means “flock” or “herd.” In Hebrew, it can also be a short form of the name “Adoraim,” meaning “double flock.” Adora has roots in Greek mythology, derived from the Greek name “Adoros,” meaning “abandoner” or “deserter.” It is also connected to the Greek word “adorea,” which refers to a type of offering or gift. Adora is a common name in some African cultures and can have various meanings depending on the specific region. For instance, in Igbo (Nigeria), “Adora” translates to “daughter of the people” or “beloved daughter.”

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