Arman Meaning and Origin

The name Arman is a boy’s name meaning “will, purpose, honorable and good man” and is of Italian and Armenian origin. In Armenian, Arman is derived from the word “Արման” (Arman) or “Հարմոն” (Harmon), which means “dream” or “vision.” In some Germanic languages, Arman is believed to be a variant of the name Herman, which means “army man” or “warrior.” In Persian, Arman means “aspiration” or “wish.” It is derived from the Persian word ārmān, which conveys the idea of a cherished desire or goal. The name Arman has roots in multiple cultures, with varying meanings depending on the language of origin. It has a long history and has been used in different regions over the centuries. Due to its multifaceted nature, Arman is a versatile name that appeals to parents seeking a meaningful and unique name for their child. 

Names similar to Arman:

  • Arian
  • Emir
  • Arlen
  • Farid
  • Kian
  • Loran
  • Ramin
  • Selim
  • Tarik
  • Zayd


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