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Eloi Meaning and Origin

Eloi is a boy’s name of French origin, meaning: “to choose.” The name “Eloi” is derived from the Latin name “Eloi” or “Eligius.” In turn, “Eligius” comes from the Latin word “eligere,” which means “to choose” or “to select.” The name has historical and religious significance, associated with Saint Eligius (also known as Saint Eloi), a 7th-century French saint and bishop known for his skills as a goldsmith and for his charitable work. “Eloi” is a relatively uncommon name in English-speaking countries, but it might have gained some popularity in French-speaking regions due to its origin. Eloi is a refined and elegant name with a rich historical and religious background. Its Latin roots evoke the idea of being chosen or favored, lending a sense of specialness and distinction to those who bear the name. Famous People Named Eloi: Eloi Meulenberg – A Belgian football player who has played for various clubs in the Belgian Pro League.

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