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Armani Meaning and Origin

The name Armani is a boy’s name meaning desire, goal and is of Persian origin. Alternatively, the name Armani is of Italian origin and is believed to have a meaning related to “freeman” or “nobleman.” It is a variation of the name Armand, which itself is derived from the Germanic name “Herman,” composed of the elements “heri” (army) and “man” (man), suggesting a strong and powerful character. The name Armani has its roots in Italy, where it likely originated as a surname or a given name. It became more widely used as a first name in various cultures, especially in English-speaking countries, due to its association with the renowned Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani. His global influence and success in the fashion industry contributed to the popularity of the name. Armani is a name that exudes sophistication and style. Its Italian origins add a touch of romance and allure.

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