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52 Popular Boy Names That Start With A

Delve into the realm of baby boy names beginning with the illustrious letter ‘A’ and uncover a collection of 52 of the most popular baby boy names. Each baby name exudes its unique charisma, evoking strength, charm, and a sense of timeless appeal. From the classic to the contemporary, this curated list showcases a diverse array of baby names that resonate with character and individuality. Explore this compilation that encapsulates the essence of ‘A,’ offering an array of options poised to grace your child with distinction and significance. If you’re on the search for baby names, especially baby boy names starting with ‘A,’ this list provides a range of options that capture the essence of strength and timeless appeal.

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50 Unique Boy Names That Start with A

1. Abel

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Breath
Similar: Alessio

2. Abner

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Father of light
Similar: Aaron

3. Ace

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Unity
Similar: Alfonso

4. Adam

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: The ground or earth
Similar: Antoine

5. Adler

Origin: German
Meaning: Eagle
Similar: Aeneas

6. Adonis

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Extremely good looking, handsome
Similar: Atlas

7. Adrian

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Man from Adria
Similar: Aesop

8. Adrien

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Man from Adria
Similar: Ashley

9. Aidan

Origin: Irish Gaelic
Meaning: Little and fiery
Similar: Aubrey

10. Aiden

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Fiery one
Similar: Avery

11. Alan

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Handsome
Similar: Algar

12. Alaric

Origin: German
Meaning: Ruler of all
Similar: Altair

13. Alden

Origin: English
Meaning: Wise friend
Similar: Alvise

14. Aldo

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Old and wise
Similar: Alfie

15. Alec

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Defending men
Similar: Achilles

16. Alexander

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Defender of the people
Similar: Alessandro

17. Ali

Origin: Arabic name
Meaning: High, elevated, or champion
Similar: Akim

18. Alistair

Origin: English
Meaning: To defend man
Similar: Armand

19. Alonzo

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Noble, ready
Similar: Alon

20. Alvaro

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Truth-speaker or guardian
Similar: Albie

21. Ambrose

Origin: English
Meaning: Immortal
Similar: Agathon

22. Amir

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Prince, rich, cultivated
Similar: Amani

23. Amos

Origin: Hebrew name
Meaning: To carry
Similar: Amand

24. Anders

Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: Strong and manly
Similar: Anand

25. Andre

Origin: French
Meaning: Manly
Similar: Arnold

26. Andres

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Manly, brave, warrior
Similar: Antares

27. Andrew

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Manly
Similar: Amon

28. Angelo

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Angel, or messenger
Similar: Ander

29. Anthony

Origin: Latin name
Meaning: Priceless one
Similar: Archibald

30. Antonio

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Priceless one
Similar: Alvin

31. Apollo

Origin: Greek name
Meaning: Destroyer
Similar: Alfred

32. Archer

Origin: English
Meaning: Bowman
Similar: Archie

33. Ares

Origin: Greek
Meaning: God of war
Similar: Artem

34. Aries

Origin: Latin
Meaning: The ram
Similar: Ari

35. Armando

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Soldier
Similar: Arnie

36. Armani

Origin: Persian
Meaning: Desire, goal
Similar: Armin

37. Aron

Origin: Polish
Meaning: Exalted
Similar: Ariel

38. Arthur

Origin: Gaelic Welsh
Meaning: Son of the bear/warrior-king
Similar: Arno

39. Arturo

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Bear
Similar: Arlo

40. Asher

Origin: English and Hebrew
Meaning: Fortunate, happy
Similar: Alastair

41. Ashton

Origin: English
Meaning: Ash tree town
Similar: Artie

42. Atticus

Origin: Greek mythology and Latin
Meaning: Belonging to Attica
Similar: Azriel

43. August

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Majestic
Similar: Azariah

44. Augustus

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Majestic
Similar: Abram

45. Austin

Origin: English
Meaning: Majestic
Similar: Ashwin

46. Avi

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Father
Similar: Aslan

47. Axel

Origin: German and Scandinavian
Meaning: Father of peace
Similar: Ace

48. Axton

Origin: English
Meaning: From the town of ash trees
Similar: Aston

49. Ayan

Origin: Arabic; Sanskrit
Meaning: Time, era, epoch, age; halting
Similar: Astor

50. Ayden

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Fire
Similar: Aziz

51. Aydin

Origin: Turkish
Meaning: Enlightened and bright
Similar: Abdiel

52. Azrael

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Help of God
Similar: Abraham

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