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Arturo Meaning and Origin

The name Arturo is a boy’s name meaning “bear” and is of Italian and Spanish origin. The name Arturo is derived from the Germanic name “Arthur.” It is a variant of the name Artur, which itself is derived from the Old Celtic name “Artorius,” meaning “bear-man” or “bear-like.” The name Arturo can be traced back to the legendary figure of King Arthur, a central character in British folklore and medieval literature. King Arthur was a mythical warrior king who led the Knights of the Round Table and sought the Holy Grail. The tales of King Arthur became popular during the Middle Ages, and the name has since spread to different cultures. Arturo has been a consistently popular name in Spanish-speaking countries and among Italian-speaking communities. Arturo is a name that carries a sense of chivalry and honor, evoking images of medieval knights and their valiant deeds. 

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