Antonio Meaning and Origin

The name Antonio is a boy’s name meaning priceless one and is of Italian and Spanish origin. The name Antonio is of Spanish and Italian variant of the name Anthony. It is derived from the Latin name “Antonius,” which is believed to be of Etruscan origin. The name’s meaning is commonly interpreted as “priceless,” “invaluable,” or “worthy of praise.” The name Antonio has ancient roots dating back to the Roman Empire. The Roman family name “Antonius” was prominent during that time, and it likely gained popularity due to the fame of Marcus Antonius, more commonly known as Mark Antony, a prominent figure in Roman history and a supporter of Julius Caesar. Throughout history, the name Antonio has maintained consistent popularity in various regions, particularly in Spanish-speaking countries and Italy. The name has been commonly used by many notable individuals, including saints, artists, and historical figures, which has contributed to its enduring appeal. Antonio is a name with a timeless and classic charm. It carries a sense of strength and nobility, thanks to its historical associations with influential figures. 

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