25 Vintage Boy Names for a Modern Little Gentleman

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What goes around always comes around, even for baby names! After all, vintage names are a huge trend for boys and girls right now. Parents looking for baby name inspiration love to look back on their family tree to pick out strong, timeless baby names. Although some of these names may have fallen out of popularity, some are seriously making a comeback. So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect vintage baby boy name, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices on this list!


1. August

Majestic (Latin) #155 for a boy and #856 for a girl
You already feel like your baby is majestic, then the name August is fitting. It’s of Latin origin, and with nicknames like Augie or (aww) Gus, it’s a perfect pick for your little one.
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Abel, Alton, Amos


2. Baxter

Baker (English)
This vintage boy’s name is a great one to bring back into modern times. Plus, shortening to Bax is pretty adorable as well.
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Bertram, Boris, Brodrick


3. Conrad

Bold counsel (German) #548
Conrad is as classic as they come when you’re considering vintage baby names. It can be spelled with a K and has the cute nickname of Connie.
You may also like:
Corban, Connor, Courtland


4. Clyde

From the riverbank (Scottish) #716
For those who want a short and sweet name, you can’t beat the coolness of Clyde.
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Caspar, Celso, Chevy


5. Darwin

Dear friend (English) #901
This name is patiently waiting for more parents to consider its charm. It has a vintage feel and sneaks in with on-trend hipster names such as Edison and Winston.
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Desmond, Dietrich, Delmar


6. Ellis

Benevolent (English) #325 for a boy and #623 for a girl
Of English origin, Ellis means “benevolent,” which is just the kind of name you want to bestow upon your baby.
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Ellair, Eldon, Elmer


7. Emile

Rival (French)
Emile carries an air of class and refinement, even if it has almost completely disappeared from use. We think it is ripe for a comeback, though!
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Everard, Everton, Elvis


8. Fraser

Strawberry (Scottish)
A sturdy name meaning “strawberry,” Fraser has a regal sound along the lines of Graham and Callum.
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Forster, Frankie, Finnegan


9. Gideon

Hewer (Hebrew) #323
Gideon is a steady but uncommon choice. Its sound may be a little different, but we love every bit of its three syllables and “on”-trend ending, with similarities to Fabian and Leon.
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Gedeon, Galen, Garnet


10. Golding

Friend of gold (English)
This vintage boy’s name may sound a little stuffy, but we love the option of the nickname Goldie.
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Gatsby, Garrison, Gary


11. Harrison

Son of Harry (English) #114
A classic vintage charmer now climbing in popularity, we love how it can be shortened to Harry for everyday use.
You may also like:
Hamlet, Holland, Holger


12. Jarvis

Spear (English)
This retro name may be a wonderful choice for parents who would like a Southern revival boy’s name with a bit of twang.
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Jasper, Jareth, Jude


13. Kenton

Kenn settlement (English)
Kenton is one of those names that may sound a little grown-up for a brand new baby, but it also offers a variety of nicknames such as “Ken,” “Kent,” or “Kenny” that can be used until he grows into it.
You may also like:
Kelton, Klemens, Kent


14. Leonce

Lion (French)
Leon and Leo have both proven so popular in recent years, and we think Leonce fits in with that trend perfectly.
You may also like:
Leary, Leopold, Laurent


15. Melvin

Council protector (English) #753
It’s a name that conveys strength, power, and, most importantly, integrity. Possible nicknames include Mel and Vinny.
You may also like:
Maxwell, Merrick, Mortimer


16. Nigel

Dark, black-haired (Irish)
Nigel just sounds so sweet. At the same time, it carries strength and history that a young boy — and a young man — can grow into as he matures.
You may also like:
Niall, Nicholson, Nikolai


17. Oscar

Friend of deer (Irish) #215
Oscar is one of those vintage names that never seems to go out of style.
You may also like:
Orbison, Osborn, Othieno


18. Pierce

Son of Piers (English, Welsh, and Irish) #505
If you’re looking for a name that sounds classic and posh, consider Pierce.
You may also like:
Pierre, Pascal, Pierson


19. Randolf

Shield wolf (German)
Your “little warrior” just might grow into his name in the future; in the meantime, he can go by Randy.
You may also like:
Roderick, Rudolf, Rudyard


20. Stirling

Dwelling of Melyn (Scottish)
Sometimes there’s more to a name than its meaning. And Stirling doesn’t have the most significance, but it’s still a very vintage name anyway.
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Styles, Spencer, Shelby


21. Temple

Dweller near the temple (English)
A totally quirky name that’s bound to be one-of-a-kind in grade school.
You may also like:
Talbot, Theodore, Thaddeus


22. Thornton

Thorn settlement (English)
Thornton is one of those names that typically serves as a last name, but that also works well as a first name.
You may also like:
Torben, Trenton, Turner


23. Ulric

Wolf power (English)
If you’re looking for a unique moniker and aren’t a fan of nicknames, Ulric is the perfect choice.
You may also like:
Ugo, Uzziah, Uri


24. Vernon

Place of alders (English)
Vernon, or Vern, a Southern favorite with a solid, reliable ring, is an old favorite due for a comeback.
You may also like:
Vance, Vlad, Viktor


25. Wilmer

Determined fame (English)
If Wilmer is a little too old-fashioned, consider variations such as Will and William.
You may also like:
Wilhelm, Wilbur, Winton



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