Conrad Meaning and Origin

The name Conrad is a boy’s name meaning “bold counsel” and is of German origin. The name Conrad has Germanic origins and is derived from the elements “kuoni” meaning “brave” and “rad” meaning “counsel” or “advice.” Therefore, the name Conrad can be interpreted to mean “brave counsel” or “brave advisor.” The name Conrad has a rich historical significance, particularly in Germanic and European cultures. It was a popular name among medieval nobility, and several prominent figures throughout history have borne this name. One of the most notable individuals with the name Conrad was Conrad I of Germany, who was elected as the first King of Germany in 911 AD. Conrad II, also known as Conrad the Elder, was another notable figure who was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1027 AD. These historical figures and others have contributed to the name’s enduring popularity. There are several variations and forms of the name Conrad used in different cultures. Some variations include Konrad (German and Scandinavian), Konrád (Hungarian), and Coenraad (Dutch).

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