Corban Meaning and Origin

The name Corban is a boy’s name meaning “raven” and is of English origin. A variant of a French surname derived from corbeau ‘raven’. Alternatively, the name Corban is of Hebrew origin and has several interpretations. In the Hebrew language, “Corban” means “offering” or “gift dedicated to God.” It is derived from the Hebrew verb “qorban,” which refers to something set apart for religious or sacred purposes. In some contexts, it can also be interpreted as “sacrifice.” The name Corban has ancient roots in Hebrew and appears in religious texts such as the Old Testament or Torah. It has been used as a personal name for many centuries, reflecting the significance of offerings and sacrifices in various religious traditions. The name Corban is not among the most popular names in the United States or other English-speaking countries. It may have a relatively low usage compared to more common names. Corban is a unique and meaningful name that exudes a sense of reverence, making it an appealing choice.

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