Macy Meaning and Origin

Macy is a girl’s name meaning “hill” and is of English origin. The name may be derived from the Old French surname “Massy” or “Mascy,” which is itself derived from the Gallo-Roman personal name “Maccius.” In modern times, Macy is more commonly used as a feminine name, although it can still be used for boys as well. Macy has been consistently popular in the United States, particularly since the 1990s. It is often seen as a shortened form of the name Mason, or as a variation of the name Maisie. The name Macy has a few different meanings depending on its origin. As a surname, it likely referred to someone who was from the town of Massy in France, or who had ancestral ties to the town. Macy is a sweet and simple name that has been popular for generations. It has a long history as a surname, and its use as a given name continues to evolve over time.

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