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Ismene Meaning and Origin

The name Ismene is a girl’s name meaning “knowledge” and is of Greek origin. The name Ismene is of Greek origin and holds a significant place in ancient mythology. In Greek mythology, Ismene was one of the daughters of Oedipus and Jocasta, making her a sibling to Antigone, Eteocles, and Polynices. Ismene’s story is intertwined with the tragic events that unfolded in the family of Oedipus, which were famously portrayed in the works of Sophocles, a prominent ancient Greek playwright. The name Ismene has historical and mythological significance, but it is not as widely used as some other names. In modern times, it might not be a common choice for baby names, and its popularity can vary by region and cultural context. Parents who are drawn to Greek mythology or classical names might consider Ismene as a unique and meaningful option for their child’s name. Ismene is an elegant and evocative name that carries the weight of ancient Greek mythology. It exudes a sense of depth and history, making it a distinctive choice for those who appreciate names with rich cultural and literary connections. Ismene’s story reflects themes of family, loyalty, and tragedy, which can add layers of meaning to the name. Its uniqueness might appeal to parents looking for a name that stands out while also having a timeless quality.

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