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100 Pretty Unique Names for Girls Flying Under the Radar

There are plenty of reasons to give your new daughter a unique girl name. Having a unique moniker will distinguish her from peers and set her apart throughout her life. To help you choose a perfect name that’s both pretty and unique, we’ve put together a list of rare girl names that’ll give your little one something special right from the start. Here are 100 pretty unique baby girl names to inspire your baby-naming process. The majority of these names are not in the U.S. top 1,000 most popular names, so you can be sure to find something unique, pretty, and as special as your baby’s name. If you’re on the hunt for a unique baby girl name, this list provides a plethora of options that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring your baby’s name is as distinctive and special as she is.

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1. Adela
Similar: Amelia

2. Ahraya
Similar: Aurora

3. Allegra
Similar: Aria

4. Amalie
Similar: Angelina

5. Ambria
Similar: Acacia

6. Annora
Similar: Anna

7. Arlia
Similar: Adalyn

8. Asya
Similar: Ava

9. Atarah
Similar: Anika

10. Audelia
Similar: Aurelia

11. Audrina
Similar: Arabella

12. Auraya
Similar: Ariadne

13. Ayala
Similar: Autumn

14. Bettina
Similar: Bianca

15. Bina
Similar: Birdie

16. Branna
Similar: Brooke

17. Caliana
Similar: Calliope

18. Cambria
Similar: Celeste

19. Cambrielle
Similar: Calanthe

20. Camora
Similar: Chloe

21. Capria
Similar: Catalina

22. Chantilly
Similar: Carys

23. Ciela
Similar: Callie

24. Cressida
Similar: Ciara

25. Damara
Similar: Dawn

26. Dayanara
Similar: Dahlia

27. Deirdre
Similar: Daphne

28. Dinah
Similar: Delia

29. Dria
Similar: Dora

30. Druella

31. Eliora
Similar: Eleanor

32. Ellera
Similar: Ella

33. Elodia
Similar: Elodie

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34. Elowen
Similar: Emilia

35. Elula
Similar: Emily

36. Eulalia
Similar: Juniper

37. Fabienne
Similar: Faith

38. Fauna
Similar: Flora

39. Fenicia
Similar: Farah

40. Fia
Similar: Faye

41. Halina
Similar: Heidi

42. Haya
Similar: Holly

43. Hira
Similar: Hazel

44. Idalia
Similar: Iola

45. Inaya
Similar: Iris

46. Ismene
Similar: Ivy

47. Jaya
Similar: Jolie

48. Jenaya
Similar: Jasmine

49. Jordana
Similar: Jewel

50. Juna
Similar: June

51. Kalila
Similar: Kylie

52. Kaya
Similar: Kaia

53. Keziah
Similar: Katherine

54. Kiersha
Similar: Kinsley

55. Layana
Similar: Lorelei

56. Lavinia
Similar: Lili

57. Leda
Similar: Luna

58. Lera
Similar: Lennox

59. Linnea
Similar: Laurel

60. Maebre
Similar: Maggie

61. Mattea
Similar: Marcella

62. Mavery
Similar: Magnolia

63. Miana
Similar: Maia

64. Naarah
Similar: Niamh

65. Naoma
Similar: Nadia

66. Neave
Similar: Natalie

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67. Noelia
Similar: Nadine

68. Noemie
Similar: Naomi

69. Odelia
Similar: Olive

70. Ophira
Similar: Quinn

71. Orenda
Similar: Olivia

72. Oriana
Similar: Juliet

73. Petra
Similar: Penelope

74. Phinea
Similar: Phoebe

75. Pia
Similar: Poppy

76. Prisca
Similar: Lola

77. Priya
Similar: Pearl

78. Quintessa
Similar: Isabella

79. Rena
Similar: Romana

80. Rowena
Similar: Ruby

81. Ryla
Similar: Reese

82. Sabina
Similar: Scarlett

83. Sapphira
Similar: Savannah

84. Seona
Similar: Sophia

85. Sereia
Similar: Sarah

86. Taya
Similar: Tabitha

87. Thara
Similar: Talia

88. Thessaly
Similar: Tinley

89. Torra
Similar: Thea

90. Tressa
Similar: Tessa

91. Verena
Similar: Valentina

92. Viera
Similar: Veronica

93. Viveca
Similar: Violet

94. Winora
Similar: Willa

95. Xaviera
Similar: Xenia

96. Zahara
Similar: Zelda

97. Zana
Similar: Zoey

98. Zelah
Similar: Zella

99. Zoa
Similar: Zinna

100. Zoella
Similar: Zara

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