31 Pretty Invented Made Up Names for Girls That Are Totally Usable

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Some people can take or leave invented baby names while others love them. No matter what boat you fall into, these 30 on trend made-up baby names are beautiful, unique, and totally usable; in fact, some are already gaining popularity. Whether you choose a name on this list or make up one of your own, no doubt giving your child an invented name will make them stand out and feel special. So if you’re considering a unique name for your child, take a look at this list of made-up names; we’ve also provided real name alternatives for each. Move over, Olivia, it’s time to meet Olydia. 


1. Ameliana

Can’t decide between Amelia and Eliana, how about Ameliana? This gorgeous smoosh name is a combination of German Amelia, meaning “work” and Hebrew Eliana, meaning “God has answered.” We think this name is absolutely stunning and the perfect moniker to kick off this list. Real name alternative: Aviana. You might also like: Blaisely


2. Audrielle

Audrielle is a happy marriage between Audrey and Brielle, two names that fall in the charts’ top 100. If you chose Audrielle, you’d benefit from having a popular name that is still truly one of a kind. Real name alternative: Audra. You might also like: Avenleigh


3. Auraya

This name walks the line between exotic and familiar, and we couldn’t be happier with this invented name that combines Aurora and Maya. Real name alternative: Amaya. You might also like: Anaveah


4. Avely

Not keen on a popular name like Ava or Avery, well, then let us introduce you to its hybrid Avely. It’s so simple yet so cute we are surprised this name isn’t on the charts yet. This name is likely an elaboration of Ava or a variation of Avery; either way, we’re completely sold on this cutie. Real name alternative: Everly. You might also like: Clia


5. Azlynn

Azlynn takes a fresh spin on the Irish name Aislinn which means “dreamy or vision.” We envision this on a trendy little girl. Real name alternative: Aisling. You might also like: Charleston


6. Brezlyn

Following Azlynn is another name with a trendy “z” sound and –lynn ending. Brezlynn is a breezy laidback name flirting on a modern edge; we see this replacing Brooklyn one day. Real name alternative: Bexley. You might also like: Gracelyn


7. Britley

It’s Britley b**tch, just kidding, but this invented name is def giving us Britney vibes, and did we mention its absolutely adorable. Real name alternative: Whitley. You might also like: Brylie


8. Daveigh

Daviegh looks and sounds gorgeous on paper, but what’s even better is that it’s a diminutive of David, so you could honor relatives while giving your daughter a unique and cool name. Real name alternative: Delaney. You might also like: Daleyza


9. Elisobelle

A gorgeous-sounding name that smashes together two chic French names: Elise and Isabelle, can we say oh la la. Real name alternative: Estelle. You might also like: Kellis


10. Emerly

Another name that is familiar yet unique, Emerly, is a modern invented name that combines Emily and Emerson. With this name, you get the benefit of having a feminine name with a masculine flair. Real name alternative: Embry. You might also like: Eastley


11. Esmerae

This name sounds Parisian to boot; we picture the lucky girl wearing this name will possess a certain je ne sais quoi. Real name alternative: Esmeralda. You might also like: Esmarae


12. Evabeth

The combo of the Hebrew names Eva and Beth sounds like a future form of Elizabeth. We think it has a lot of potential for topping the charts one day. Real name alternative: Euodia. You might also like: Jenaya


13. Evra

Had your heart set on having a boy named Ezra, but then you found out you were having a girl? No fear, Evra is here, and seriously could this name be any sweeter? We love this combo of Eve and Ezra. Real name alternative: Veda. You might also like: Fyra


14. Faelina

There is something downright Feline about this name, but make no mistake our furry friends aren’t any part of this equation, and we think you’ll love the meaning of this name; “fairy light” taken from Fae meaning fairy and Lina meaning light. Real name alternative: Fabiana. You might also like: Imogen


15. Hazelyn

Move over, Hazel, welcome the new kid on the block Hazelyn, shes hip and refined; we see this name gaining momentum soon. Real name alternative: Halsey. You might also like: Heaven


16. Jahnasia

Cute alert! So fresh and so fun we are in love with the name Jahnasia. Real name alternative: Anastasia. You might also like: Meilani


17. Jessalie

Here’s a modern twist on our favorite 80’s name, Jessica, combined with the popular –ily suffix. We think its totally righteous. Real name alternative: Jessamine. You might also like: Idalia


18. Kensleigh

An alternative to Kingsley, this name also has a regal ring to it. Whoever wears this name is sure to aspire to royalty. Real name alternative: Kinley. You might also like: Graylen


19. Liselle

We are swooning over Liselle; it’s like Giselle got a makeover. Liselle could potentially be a short form of Elizabeth. Real name alternative: Lesina. You might also like: Garcella


20. Maevry

This beautiful name is a combination of the traditional Irish name Maeve and the English name Avery. Real name alternative: Mabel. You might also like: Maevery


21. Mavia

When we hear this name, we picture an exotic little town in Spain near the coast with plenty of sunshine. Real name alternative: Maeve. You might also like: Nevaeh


22. Miana

It sounds Hawaiian, or maybe it’s Italian like Gianna, were not entirely sure, but this invented name sure is adorable, pretty, and exotic. Real name alternative: Mahalia. You might also like: Kensley


23. Olydia

Do you love Olivia but don’t want your daughter to be one of the Oliva B’s? Then you should consider Olydia, a cute smoosh of Olivia and Lydia. Real name alternative: Odelia. You might also like: Novalee


24. Phinea

A cute nature-sounding name that reminds of a gorgeous flower in an English garden. You could call her Nea for short. Real name alternative: Penina. You might also like: Renesmee


25. Quinley

A more feminine take on the unisex Quinn, although we also think this could be worn equally well by a boy. Real name alternative: Quinn. You might also like: SiddaLee


26. Saylie

If the word name Sailor and the name Sadie had a baby, it would be Saylie. We think it is cute and youthful. Real name alternative: Sadie. You might also like: Sylvalie


27. Tessadora

How ethereally gorgeous is this name? Tessadora is a bewitching name straight out of a fairy tale. Real name alternative: Theodosia. You might also like: Sophiel


28. Veradean

A little bit country and a little bit rock n roll, this modern name has tons of vintage charm. Real name alternative: Vivienne. You might also like: Sophiela


29. Vietta

Another name with vintage charm, sweet Vietta, is a mash of Violet and Etta. Real name alternative: Violet. You might also like: Veruca


30. Winora

A combo of Winnie and Nora that is super unique, and we are pretty sure she won’t get lost among her peers. Real name alternative: Winona. You might also like: Zavrya


31. Wrenley

Whimsical and cute, watch out this name is quickly climbing the charts due to its familiar sound and popular –ly ending. Real name alternative: Waverly. You might also like: Wrenlow

Extra special thanks to our favorite youtuber SJ Strum for some of the amazing names on this list.



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