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Creative Made up and Modern Invented Names for Girls

For some parents, names like Elizabeth and Benjamin just aren’t cutting it anymore, so if you are looking for a truly unique name for your baby and aren’t so keen on meanings, then why not consider an invented modern name your baby girl? Invented names can be a combination of family names or variations of traditional names for a modern twist. No matter the case, invented names are in a class all of their own as very few bear these names on this list, so there will be no doubt that your child will indeed be one of a kind. Look no further if you plan to invent a unique name for your little one; you could draw inspiration from this list of created and made-up baby names.

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Invented Made Up Names Girls


It’s short, sweet, soft, and feminine. It just flows gracefully while still uniquely beautiful. 



Attalee sounds like the name Natalie without the “n” and connotes a quirky vibe — in a good way.



Brookelle is packed with intrigue and edge and is less familiar than Brooklyn and Raquel.



It is a beautiful, dainty, yet familiar-sounding name that’s very on-trend.



The “sa” ending gives it a soft spin, though it retains that energetic and regal feel. It’s slightly unusual, so there probably won’t be too many other kids with this name. 



This name is as cute as a button, but it’s also strong and chic at the same time.



To us, it sounds whimsical and sweet, with just enough hipster cred to make it a new-age hit.



It sounds like if Emily and Rae had a baby.



Do you like the name Eve or Avery but dislike how familiar it is? They are pretty names, but let’s face it—almost everyone knows, at least, one Emily or Avery. Consider Evelie as an elegant alternative. 



This less popular take on Ezra has a ring to it and can easily be turned into a boy’s name by dropping the final ‘e.’



Evada is quite memorable and modern if you don’t want to settle for common names like Ava and Emma. 



This name would certainly count as a fairytale moniker with the nickname of “Fae”, meaning fairy combined with its whimsical romantic sound.



This modern take on Gemma sounds so warm and inviting.



Gisetta is a beautiful name that evokes a sense of warm and sunny Italy. 



Hylie would be an adorable—if unconventional—pick for a baby girl. 



A pretty and exotic-sounding name that’s reminiscent of Isla. 



A welcomed breath of fresh air that sounds friendly and upbeat. 



There is something oh so Rockabilly sounding about this name that gives this modern title a vintage charm.



This name blends Jordan and Morgan, making Jorgana a trendy, modern name.



It’s on-trend with other feminine names ending in -Leigh like Ryleigh and Everleigh but possesses an undeniable charm all its own. 



Strong and sophisticated, Kestyn is a great substitute for popular Kendall with a more unusual vibe.



Smart and stylish with plenty of modern appeal. 



Beautiful, elegant, grand name that a little princess would be so proud to have as her own.



You could also use “Lily” as a beautiful nickname. 



If you’re looking for a simple, unique, and sweet name, Lunia would be ideal.



This name comes with a super cute nickname, Maddie. 



This created name sounds like it could be a surname-turned-first-name, either way, we think it sounds classic and strong. 



Nadora fits in well with contemporary picks like Nora or Noah but maintains its own refined air. 



Strong, tasteful, and elegant, the name Navena wears a chic aura.



This name puts an undeniably edgy feminine twist on the popular boy’s name Nathan.



With nicknames like Onnie, Della, and Lynn, Ondelyn is an excellent option for those looking for a very uncommon yet versatile name.



We think Paralee has a southern-sounding flair such as Peyton–another name rooted in the deep south. Say Paralee with a charming southern drawl, and you’ll see what we mean.



It’s short and sweet, and distinctly feminine. 



Not only is Pristia a beautiful name, but it’s also compelling in sound thanks to its sharp 3-syllable pronunciation.



Although it’s a unisex name, Quesley is a pretty moniker for girls. And yet, it’s not your everyday name. A child named Quesley will stand out for the right reason.



Rexine offers a little masculine edge while still being elegant.



It’s sweet, romantic and a little bit southern sounding. 



There’s an appealing quality to the name Rozara. It’s a pretty name that sounds vintage and modern at the same time.



This name sounds très chic and very French. 



Stalia offers a fresh alternative to names like Stella and Sophia. 



Tamarin is a new name that adds gravitas to a more casual baby name. 



It’s unique, yet it’s easy to say, and it evokes an exotic princess vibe.



This three-syllable first name for baby girls is dramatic and so stylish.



Vearis evokes a certain air of dignity and elegance.



It’s safe to say that Wavelyn is a hidden gem that won’t be overused any time soon.



The ‘x’ in this name makes it considerably cooler, not to mention its magical sound. 



 Zoralei sounds like a variation of the name Loralei, and we love the futuristic twist. 

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