24 of the Prettiest Girl Names you Haven’t Heard

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Settling on a name is one of the hardest decision new parents will ever have to make. You want your daughter to have a name that is special as she is. If you are looking for an extraordinarily unique and pretty name that makes your daughter distinctive, look no further.

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1. Ambrosia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Food of the gods
Ambrosia is a heavenly name that sounds exotic and sweet.


2. Apollonia 

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Strength
Apollonia has a fairytale mythological feel with an aristocratic vibe. Stay ahead of the trends and give your daughter a name that has been overlooked. Refined, elegant, and alluring, Apollina is ripe for the picking.


3. Calista 

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Most beautiful
An exotic and uncommon name that certainly lives up to its meaning.

4. Clelia 

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Famous
Unique and elegant, especially when said in Italian.


5. Dalia 

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Flowering branch
Dalia is mysterious yet, delicate and feminine.


6. Elodia 

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Foreign riches
Elodia is beautifully melodic without being overly girly or sugary.


7. Honoria 

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Woman of honor
A gorgeous elaboration of the word honor.


8. Isadora 

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Gift of Isis
If ever there were a name to make you swoon, this is it. This exotic alternative to “Isabella” is romantic and adventurous, graceful and sophisticated. Plus, there’s some adorable nickname potential: Dora, Izzy, Isa, Iz, Dory, Sadie, Ida etc.


9. Jordana 

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Flowing down
Jordana is a strong and worldy name that’s a feminine twist on the unisex name Jordan.


10. Larissa 

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Citadel
Larissa is a gorgeous name with a European vibe that’s a perfect alternative to Melissa or Alyssa.


11. Mirabelle 

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Wondrous, lovely
French origin names are renowned for bringing out romance, and Mirabelle is no different. Meaning “wonderous” just like your little girl will be.


12. Naiara 

Origin: Arabic, Basque, and Spanish
Meaning: Place name
A delightfully exotic name with a sweet delicate sound.


13. Odilia 

Origin: German
Meaning: Wealthy
Odilia is a lush name with a lively spunk. It makes a great alternative to the equally beautiful name Ophelia.


14. Portia 

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Pig
Portia is a lovely name despite its meaning. It’s pretty, and sophisticated while bordering the line between familiar and unusual.


15. Ravenna 

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Place name
Ravenna is one of the prettiest place names and a more unique choice than Savannah, Brooklyn, London, or Sienna.


16. Sabina 

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Sabine woman
Not to be confused with Sabrina, Sabina is gorgeous in its own right. It’s an ancient name that’s effortlessly cool and well cultured.


17. Seraphina 

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Burning ones
Seraphina has a noble and classic romantic sound that appeals to many parents. Its uniqueness and rarity make it a perfect choice!


18. Theodora 

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Gift of God
A sweet name, with lots of vintage charm, it’s lush and strong-sounding. It also has a whole host of nicknames to choose from: Teddy, Thora, Dottie, Theo, Thea, Theda, Dodie, Edie, Ora, Eda, Dora, Dory, and Odie.


19. Thera 

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Place name
Thera is a strong and feminine name that’s a fresh alternative to the increasingly popular Athena.


20. Thessaly 

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Place name
Thessaly is a strong and beautiful name rooted in history.


21. Viveca

Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: Alive
Viveca is exotic with weight and quiet dignity. It’s a gorgeous, crisp, and unexpected name that nobody seems to have.


22. Xandra

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Man’s defender
Sweet, spunky, and exotic, all while being fresh and modern with deep roots.


23. Zahara

Origin: Hebrew and Swahili
Meaning: To shine or flower
Exotic and unique, yet pretty and feminine.

24. Zelah

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Side
Zelah is an intriguing soft and feminine yet feisty name that sounds trendy but isn’t too common.

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