Apollonia Meaning and Origin

Apollonia has a fairytale mythological feel with an aristocratic vibe. Apollonia (a-puh-lo-nee-uh) is a Latin feminine form of the Greek masculine name Apollonios. The name likely comes from the Indo-European “apelo”, meaning strength. Apollonia was the name of an ancient Greek city located in what is now southwestern Albania. The city was found in 588 BC and flourished during the Roman period. It was home to a renowned school of philosophy but began to decline in the 3rd century AD as a result of an earthquake. A famous bearer is third-century Saint Apollonia (martyr) popularly regarded as the patroness of dentistry. The name Apollonia is currently not in the US top 1,000 names. Apollonia pairs well with the middle name Victoria. Similar names to consider are AuroraAymelineCalliopePenelopeSeraphina
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apollonia name meaning
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