Apollonia Meaning and Origin

Apollonia (a-puh-lo-nee-uh) is a Latin feminine form of the Greek masculine name Apollonios. The name likely comes from the Indo-European “apelo”, meaning strength. Apollonia was the name of an ancient Greek city located in what is now southwestern Albania. The city was founded in 588 BC and flourished during the Roman period. It was home to a renowned school of philosophy but began to decline in the 3rd century AD as a result of an earthquake. Alternatively it is It is derived from the name of the Greek god Apollo, who was the god of light, music, and prophecy in ancient Greek mythology. The name Apollonia has been used in various cultures throughout history, including Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and early Christianity. In early Christianity, Saint Apollonia was a third-century martyr who is venerated as the patron saint of dentistry and toothaches. The name Apollonia is relatively rare today, but it has been used by some notable individuals throughout history. For example, there was a Byzantine empress named Apollonia who ruled in the 9th century, and the American actress Apollonia Kotero rose to fame in the 1980s for her role in the movie “Purple Rain.” Apollonia has a fairytale mythological feel with an aristocratic vibe. Stay ahead of the trends and give your daughter a name that has been overlooked. Refined, elegant, and alluring, Apollonia is ripe for the picking.

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