30 Romantic Names for Girls


Romantic names for girls are elegant, whimsical, feminine, airy, and dreamy. Romantic baby  girl names are often chosen for their soft, feminine sound and their connection to love and romance. These names are often inspired by literature, poetry, and music, with many names carrying a timeless and elegant feel. Romantic girl names often feature flowing vowels and graceful consonants, making them a perfect choice for parents who want a name that is both beautiful and meaningful.  They often end in “ia,” “ina,” “ana,” “ella,” or “ette” and originate from romance languages. Many of these names have historical or cultural significance, with some names being inspired by famous literary heroines or historical figures.Who wouldn’t want a name for a girl that has all of those things?  And the best thing is most of the romantic names for girls on this list are not on many parents’ radars, making them perfect choices for trendsetters looking to give their little girl a name that will stop people in their tracks. Some popular romantic girl names include classic names like Elizabeth, Charlotte, and Victoria, as well as more unique options like Isadora, Seraphina, and Arabella. Read on to find a sophisticated, worldly name with a touch of whimsy that any little girl would adore and be thankful for!

1. Apollonia

Origin: Indo-European
Meaning: Strength
You may also like: Anastasia, Adelaide, Angelina, Antoinette, Audrey


2. Arabella

Origin: Unknown
Meaning: Unknown
You may also like: Aurora, Angelica, Anna, Amelia, Amora


3. Beatessa

Origin: Invented name
You may also like: Beatrice, Brianna, Bryony, Bonita, Belle


4. Calliope

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Beautiful voice
You may also like: Charlotte, Catherine, Colette, Celine, Charlize



5. Coraline

Origin: English
Meaning: Literary name
You may also like: Celeste, Chloe, Cora, Camilla, Clara


6. Dayanara

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Forceful
You may also like: Dahlia, Daisy, Delilah, Delphine, Desiree, Dawn, Darcy


7. Elisana

Origin: Invented name
You may also like: Elizabeth, Evelyn, Ellie, Evangelina, Eden, Emma


8. Esmeralda

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Emerald
You may also like: Emilia, Evangeline, Ember, Emberly, Everly


9. Fabienne

Origin: French
Meaning: Bean grower
You may also like: Flora, Freya, Fleur, Forsythia, Francesca


10. Galina

Origin: Russian
Meaning: Calm
You may also like: Gwendolyn, Grace, Gia, Gracie, Gabriella, Genevieve, Giselle


11. Halina

Origin: Greek and Slavic
Meaning: Shining light
You may also like: Hyacinth, Haven, Harmoni, Hazel, Halia, Hania


12. Isadora

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Gift of Isis
You may also like: Ivy, Isabella, Isolde, Iris, Iliana, Ivana


13. Julianna

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Youthful
You may also like: Jasmine, Julia, Juliana, Josephine, Juliet


14. Lissandra

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Defender of men
You may also like: Laurel, Luciana, Lilia, Lorelei, Lara, Lavinia, Lily


15. Lucia

Origin: Italian and Spanish
Meaning: Light
You may also like: Lucy, Leilani, Liliana, Lissa, Livia, Lucinda


16. Melisande

Origin: French and German
Meaning: Work, labor
You may also like: Magnolia, Millicent, Marina, Magdalena, Maia


17. Mirabelle

Origin: French
Meaning: Wonderous, lovely
You may also like: Mariella, Marisol, Melina, Miranda


18. Navena

Origin: Invented name
You may also like: Natalie, Neve, Natalya, Naida


19. Nuria

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Virgin of Núria
You may also like: Nina, Naomi, Nia, Noelle, Nyssa


20. Orenda

Origin: Native American
Meaning: Great spirit, magical power
You may also like: Ophelia, Olive, Opal, Oriana, Odessa, Ottavia


21. Phaedra

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Bright
You may also like: Penelope, Petunia, Paloma, Phoebe, Petra, Philomena


22. Quintessa

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Essence
You may also like: Quiana, Quetzal, Queenie, Quilla, Quinley


23. Rosabel

Origin: English
Meaning: Beautiful rose
You may also like: Ruby, Rosie, Rosa, Ramona, Rafaela, Renata, Rosalind


24. Seraphina

Origin: Hebrew name
Meaning: Burning ones
You may also like: Sabrina, Sophia, Scarlett, Soraya, Savannah, Siena


25. Theodosia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: God’s gift
You may also like: Tabitha, Thalia, Thea, Tristessa, Tatiana, Tess


26. Umbria

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Place name
You may also like: Ursula, Una, Uliana, Ulrica, Uma


27. Verena

Origin: Swiss
Meaning: Unknown
You may also like: Vera, Violet, Viviana, Valentina, Vanessa, Vasilisa


28. Winslet

Origin: English
Meaning: Wynn’s stream
You may also like: Waverly, Willow, Wren, Winona, Winifred


29. Xaviera

Origin: Basque
Meaning: New house
You may also like: Xiomara, Ximena, Xanthe, Xandra


30. Zoella

Origin: Combination name
Meaning: Complete life
You may also like: Zarah, Zaria, Zara, Zayna, Zella, Zephyrine


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