Pretty, Modern Creative Girl Names

20 Pretty, Modern, Creative, and Unique Girl Names

Naming your child can be very exciting. There are so many things to consider when searching for a name for your future baby. As a parent, it’s the chance to either embrace a name that has meaning, family ties, or the opportunity to choose something totally unique and unexpected. From the beautiful to the quirky to the downright invented, here are 20 modern and creative girl names that will set your child on a path to becoming a lifelong trendsetter. Just take a look.

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1. Analia

Combination name (Spanish) #672
What a pretty spin on the more traditional (and adorable) name Anne!
You may also like: Adrianna, Angely, Annella


2. Ansley

Hermitage clearing (English)
This one is under the radar but potentially very unique and pretty for your little girl.
You may also like: Ailsa, Aella, Aneira


3. Braylin

Invented name (Modern)
Braylin is one of those names that sounds so familiar and yet so unique.
You may also like: Branwen, Balia, Britley


4. Brynslee

Invented name (Modern)
It’s a nice way to keep that “lee” ending but change it up enough not to feel common or overused.
You may also like: Brinley, Bayla, Brezlyn


5. Dalise

Invented name (Modern)
Your daughter probably won’t meet anyone else in school with this name.
You may also like: Delaney, Dalia, Darya


6. Eastlyn

Combination name (English)
Eastlynn is a friendly, feminine name that still feels modern among all the other -lynn ending names out there.
You may also like: Evaline, Elizabeth, Evadne



7. Esmerae

Invented name (Modern)
It’s a cute twist on the older name Esme and a great way to honor a family member, too.
You may also like: Elisobelle, Emerly, Ensley


8. Faelina

Invented name (Modern)
Although it’s an invented name, there are cute nicknames to go along with it, like Fae or Lina.
You may also like: Faerelia, Fayra, Fenicia


9. Giovanna

The Lord is gracious (Italian) #739
Giovanna is an exotic name with a deep meaning and the cute nicknames of Gia or Gigi.
You may also like: Gisetta, Gaetana, Godiva


10. Henslie

Stallion clearing (English)
Of course, you don’t have to be a fan of equestrian sports to like the sound of this unique baby name.
You may also like: Honorine, Halina, Haya


11. Hylie

Invented name (Modern)
This more exotic form of a popular girls’ name Kylie certainly has an adorable feminine ring to it.
You may also like: Hazie, Hira, Hallie


12. Kaisleigh

Invented name (Modern)
This one is so feminine and pretty and a nice departure from Kaylee’s and Kylie’s.
You may also like: Kenley, Kinsley, Kensleigh


13. Kirabelle

Invented name (Modern)
“Kira” or “Belle” still work as nicknames, but if you’re going for originality, Kirabelle is a winner.
You may also like: Kenna, Karrigan, Kindell


14. Liselle

Invented name (Modern)
Liselle provides a new and chic sound to a very timeless and classic name. This moniker is the perfect mix of class and sass for your little girl.
You may also like: Laurelle, Lilla, Linnea


15. Mavia

Invented name (modern)
Mavia is a name that is magical and sweet for any gorgeous newborn to keep.
You may also like: Mavery, Morgana, Maebre


16. Noely

Christmas (French)
It certainly doesn’t get cuter than that as a little girl’s name, and it’s a great alternative to the popular Noa.
You may also like: Naylynn, Naarah, Neela


17. Romina

From the land of Christians (Arabic) #664
The name may be rising in popularity over the last few years, but we still love its unique and romantic feeling.
You may also like: Raleigh, Ravenna, Raisa


18. Saylie

Invented name (Modern)
Saylie is one of those names that sounds so familiar and yet so unique.
You may also like: Seviah, Sephora, Sondre


19. Tessadora

Invented name (Modern)
This sounds like a pretty combination of Tessa and Theodora. We could definitely see it becoming popular.
You may also like: Tristessa, Tuliana, Tylee


20. Wavelyn

Invented name (Modern)
Thanks to its connection to nature, this is a perfect name choice for any water-loving parents that want to give their little girl a very special name.
You may also like: Wanette, Whitley, Winter


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