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Rare Magical and Enchanting Baby Names No One Else will Have

Embarking on the journey of naming a new life is akin to conjuring a spell—an enchanting blend of anticipation, wonder, and boundless imagination. Amidst the countless choices, some names resonate with an otherworldly allure, carrying echoes of ancient myths, whimsical tales, and mystical realms. Delving into this enchanting trove, we unveil a treasury of 20 magical baby names, each imbued with the spark of wonder and the promise of a magical journey ahead. Step into this realm of names that transcend the ordinary, where every syllable whispers a tale of mystique and marvel, beckoning you to find the perfect enchantment for your little one.

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Magical and Enchanting Names for Girls


The name Aerwyna means “friend of the sea” and is of English origin. Aerwyna is an ideal seagoing name — perfect for a daughter one plans to raise by the ocean or beach.



The name Amara means “everlasting” and is of Latin origin. Amara is certainly worth considering for those parents looking for something beautiful in sound and not too rare.



The name Aster means “star” and is of Greek origin. Perfect for your shining star.



The name Branna means “raven” and is of Irish origin. It’s a simple name and perfect for those wanting an ultra-cute, not to mention, ultra-feminine name for their little girl.



The name Ciela means “sky or heaven” and is of Spanish origin. Not only is the name an adorable option for parents expecting a baby girl, but its literal meaning of heaven makes it an even more desirable option.



The name Elysia means “from the blessed isles” and is of Latin origin. Exotic in sound and beautiful in meaning, we think Elysia is the perfect choice for parents expecting a little girl and looking for a name that’s a little different.



The name Lesedi means “light” and is of Southern Africa origin. Lesedi has its magical charm and is perfect for parents with spunky personalities. And, the nickname “Edie” is ultra adorable.



The name Orenda means “great spirit” and is of Native American origin. Orenda is a bold yet beautiful name and one any little girl would love to have.



The name Sereia means “mermaid” and is of Portuguese origin. Your little Sereia might just be able to swim before she can talk.



The name Zana means “fairy of the mountain” and is of Albanian origin. This one really brings about those fairytale vibes.


Magical and Enchanting Names for Boys


The name Arion means “divinely-bred immortal horse” and is of Greek origin. It’s also just straight-up cute for a baby and fascinating for an adult, making it a name a child can grow into.



The name Cyfrin means “sorcerer” and is of Welsh origin. A title that’ll evoke the mysterious magical forests every time you look at your little boy.



The name Elam means “forever, eternal or tree” and is of Hebrew origin. Elam is undoubtedly great for all those old souls out there. Elam is a name with a rich historical presence, making it the perfect choice for vintage-loving folks.



The name Fenris means “giant mythical wolf” and is of Scandinavian origin. A wonderful option for any parent looking for a beautifully sounding name that has a mythical history.



The name Gellert means “ruler with the spear” and is of English and Irish from German origin. This boy’s name conjures visions of adventure and Arthurian legends.



The name Jorah means “early rain” and is of Hebrew origin. The rain washes out the old and brings in the newb, so it has a very earthy whimsical feel.



The name Kessem means “predicting” and is of Hebrew origin. This moniker is almost sure never to cross your path or your child’s path, so you can rest assured that if you choose it, it will stay as unique as unique can be.



The name Oberyn means “elf” and is of English origin. What more of a whimsical, magical nickname could you ask for than one that means elf.



The name Thelxion means “magician” or “enchanter” and is of Greek origin. Think about it: Thelxion is both rare and unique. There’s really no going wrong here!



The name Tovenaar means “wizard” and is of Dutch origin. It’s a name that makes its presence known, just like your son will.

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