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30 Classic Girl Names That Never Go Out of Style

Unique baby names and trendy baby names will forever have their appeal, but what’s really forever are those timeless classic girl names that never, ever seem to get old. Classic girl names are interesting, fashion-forward, stand the test of time. Plus, they truly never go out of style. After all, if these classic girl names are good enough for women of decades past, they’re certainly perfect for the modern little ones soon to share these titles. Ahead are our favorite classic girl names that will always be in style. 

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1. Abigail

Father’s joy (Hebrew)
Abigail is a very classic and traditional girl’s name that goes all the way back to biblical times.
You may also like: Alice, Ada, Aaliyah


2. Amelia

Industrious (German)
Amelia may be peaking now, but it has been prevalent throughout history and truly represents a classic, cute, and timeless name for your perfect little girl.
You may also like: Adelaide, Addison, Agatha


3. Audrey

Noble strength (English)
The timeless classic, effortlessly stylish girl’s name has a powerful meaning, which is likely what keeps it popular and classic throughout the years.
You may also like: Agnes, Annabelle, Adele


4. Beatrice

Bringer of happiness (Latin) 
The name Beatrice comes from the Latin meaning bringer of happiness, and what could be more uplifting than that?
You may also like: Bonnie, Bessie, Beulah


5. Birgit

Strength (Scandinavian)
If you are looking for a classic short and sweet but not overused name, this one might be for you.
You may also like: Bertha, Blanche, Dorothy


6. Camille

Young ceremonial attendant (French) 
The name Camille is soft and sweet, not to mention tres chic. It might be the perfect sounding name to represent your timeless little girl.
You may also like: Cora, Chloe, Constance


7. Caroline

Free man (French) 
There is something so classic and recognizable about the name Caroline. Caroline is a delicate and sweetly old-fashioned name that will never go out of style.
You may also like: Claudia, Cleo, Diana


8. Charlotte

Free man (French) 
The name definitely has stood the test of time. It’s a classic that can be used on royals and your perfect little princess alike.
You may also like: Cassandra, Charlene, Cher


9. Claire

Clear, bright (French) 
Claire is by far one of the most well-known and classic baby girl names. It has been around for a while now and is still very popular today as a first name or middle name.
You may also like: Doris, Clara, Celia


10. Elizabeth

God is my oath (Hebrew) 
With endless options for nicknames (i.e. Betty, Lizzy, Liz, Eliza, Beth), this is a great pick if you love the classics but want to put your own little twist on it.
You may also like: Eve, Esme, Etta


11. Emily

Rival (Latin) 
Emily is a reliable and friendly name, which is why it appeals to so many parents.
You may also like: Eloise, Evelyn, Eleanor


12. Emma

Universal (German) 
Emma is a classic name that instantly feels fresh year after year.
You may also like: Eva, Edith, Edna


13. Faye

Fairy (English) 
Faye is a short, simple, and sweet baby girl’s name that can be a beautiful first name or a classic middle name.
You may also like: Flora, Florence, Hannah


14. Georgia

Farmer (English) 
Although Georgia may seem old-fashioned, it never really went out of style and has remained timeless. It is often used as a middle name as well as a first name and flows almost perfectly with any name alongside it.
You may also like: Elsie, Hattie, Georgina


15. Grace

Gracious (Latin) 
The name Grace is derived from the Latin word gratia. Grace is a classic, sweet, and simple name that has been a favorite among parents for a long time.
You may also like: Galilea, Gemma, Giselle


16. Isabelle

Pledged to God (French) 
If it’s good enough for royalty, it’s good enough for your babe.
You may also like: Hazel, Harriet, Iris


17. Josephine

God increases (English)
Fifi, Jo, Josie, Posey, and Fina. How cute are these nicknames?
You may also like: Jane, Juliette, Irene


18. Kate

Pure (English) 
Less common than Katharine, Kate bears the same meaning of “pure.” What could be purer than a fresh-faced baby?
You may also like: Kathleen, Kiersten, Katerina


19. Lucy

Light (English) 
Lucy is a super sweet and simple little girl’s name. It sounds classic and elegant but also cute at the same time.
You may also like: Lena, Louise, Lucille


20. Madeline

Of Magdala (English)
Whether you keep the formal Madeline or call her Maddie, this timeless name comes with a biblical significance.
You may also like: Myrtle, Margaret, Minnie


21. Naomi

Pleasantness (Hebrew)
Naomi might be perfect for your family if you are looking for a classic baby girl name with a hint of biblical ties.
You may also like: Nadine, Martha, Nancy


22. Nora

Light (Irish) 
This sweet name has a vintage style that is youthful and fun enough to be the name of a young girl but definitely has a mature sound that can grow up with a little girl.
You may also like: Nadia, Neve, Nicola


23. Olivia

Olive (Latin) 
Wildly popular for a good reason, Olivia is often considered a lovely, stylish, romantic name.
You may also like: Olive, Mabel, Ophelia


24. Penelope

Duck (Greek) 
This moniker with Greek origins has maintained its popularity; its stylish nicknames, such as Nellie or Poppy, also have a modern appeal.
You may also like: Pearl, Paloma, Priscilla


25. Rose

Flower (English) 
The adorable girl’s name ‘Rose’ has stood the test of time. The name itself means rose and is representative of love and femininity.
You may also like: Ruth, Rita, Rosie


26. Scarlett

A seller of rich bright fabrics, red (English)
Scarlett is an adorable and unique baby girl’s name that sounds elegant, classy, and stylish all at the same time.
You may also like: Sarah, Savannah, Sylvia


27. Sophia

Wisdom (Greek) 
An old-world name that has been around since the beginning of the 4th century, Sophia is a beautifully feminine name that’s softness makes it sweet and lovely for a baby girl.
You may also like: Susanna, Sue, Stella


28. Theodora

Gift of God (Greek) 
Theodora is the feminine form of Theodore derived from Greek word, theos“god” and δῶρονdoron“gift”. Theodora is a strong and beautiful baby girl’s name that can also stand the test of time. The name also lends itself to some cute nicknames like Teddie, Dora, and even Thea.
You may also like: Tiffany, Tabitha, Tilly


29. Victoria

Victory (Latin) 
Victoria was the Roman goddess of victory. It has the sweet appeal like other popular girl names but has a personality all its own. The commanding style of the name is irresistible and quite lovely.
You may also like: Viola, Virginia, Vivian


30. Vivienne

Life (French) 
Vivienne is a unique but classic French name that continues to stand the test of time.
You may also like: Veronica, Valentina, Violet


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