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Abigail Meaning and Origin

The name Abigail is a girl’s name meaning “father’s joy” and is of Hebrew origin. The name Abigail comes from the Hebrew name Avigayil derived from the roots ‘av meaning “father” and gil meaning “joy” or “to rejoice”. In the Old Testament, Abigail was the name of one of King David’s wives, known for her beauty, wisdom, and diplomacy. She is often depicted as a strong and courageous woman who intervened to prevent her husband from attacking David and his men, and later became one of David’s most trusted advisors. Abigail first became used in the English-speaking world by the Puritans after the Protestant Reformation. The name Abigail has been used in various cultures and languages around the world. It has remained a popular name in the United States since the 19th century and continues to be a common choice for baby girls.

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