All About the Name Azalea

“Azalea is a stunning underused flower name that’s a fabulous alternative to popular monikers like Rose and Lily. It sounds feminine and lovely but looks and sounds somewhat exotic. The nicknames Aza or Lea are great too.”


Gender: Girl
Meaning: Dry
Origin: Greek
Current Popularity: #510

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More about the name Azalea:

Azalea (A-ZAY-LEE-UH, IA-ZAY-lea, AH-zuh-LEE-uh) is a Girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning: “dry,” derived from Ancient Greek (azaléos, “dry”). The given name Azalea is a modern coinage for a name of a flowering shrub, named after the feminine form of Greek azaleas. The Azalea flower symbolizes temperance, fragility, passion, and, in China, womanhood. A famous bearer of this name is Australian singer Iggy Azalea, born Amethyst Amelia Kelly. 

Middle Name Possibilities:


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