Gertrude Meaning and Origin

Gertrude is a girl’s name meaning “strong spear” and is of German origin. The name Gertrude is derived from the elements “ger” meaning “spear” and “thrud” meaning “strength” or “power.” Therefore, Gertrude can be interpreted to mean “strength of the spear” or “mighty with the spear.” It was a popular name in medieval Germany and eventually spread to other parts of Europe. Gertrude was quite a popular name during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in English-speaking countries. However, its popularity has decreased over the years, and it is now considered a less common name in modern times. Gertrude is a classic and timeless name that carries a sense of strength and resilience. While it might not be as trendy as some modern names, Gertrude exudes a sense of history and tradition that appeals to those who appreciate vintage charm and heritage. Famous People Named Gertrude: Gertrude Stein: An American writer, poet, and art collector. She was a prominent figure in the modernist literary movement, known for her experimental writing and influential salon in Paris. Gertrude Bell: An English writer, archaeologist, diplomat, and explorer. 

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