Galilea Meaning and Origin

A feminine name with beauty and serenity, Galilea has a great flow and comes with the adorable built-in nickname Lea. The name Galilea is a girl’s name meaning “galilee” and is of Italian and Hebrew origin. The name Galilea is a feminization of Galileo, a variation of Galilee, a place in Northern Israel that refers to all of the areas that are north of the Mount Carmel-Mount Gilboa ridge. The name comes from the Hebrew root (galíl), ‘district,’ and ‘cylinder’ or, according to Isaiah 8:23 (or 9:1 in different Biblical versions), ‘Galilee of the nations.’ The sea of Galilee, according to the Bible, is the sea where Jesus walked on water. Galilea is a relatively uncommon name in the United States, but it has been gaining popularity in recent years. Galilea is a unique and meaningful name with ties to both Hebrew culture and Christian history.

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