15 Regal and Posh Baby Names for Boys No One is Excepting


Are you looking for something sophisticated and timeless for your son’s name? To help you make a choice, we’ve gathered together some of the poshest and most regal boys’ names out there. Posh baby names are pretty much the epitome of over-the-top elegance. They are rich in history, mythology, and culture are perfect if you are looking for a boy’s name that’s classy and unexpected. Read below to see if any of them strike your fancy.


1. Ambrose

Ambrose is a boy’s name meaning “immortal” and is of English origin. If you want a posh name that’s regal and unique, look no further than Ambrose. The name is originally from Greek and is the Anglicised form of ambrosios, which was popular throughout medieval Europe. You may also like: Aston, Audley, Attwell


2. Alistair

Alistair is a boy’s name meaning “to defend man” and is of Scottish origin. This name is a Scottish variation of the name Alexander. Alistair has power, flair and is also grounded enough not to get them teased on the schoolyard. You may also like: Aldous, Alcott, Ashton


3. Burgess

Burgess is a boy’s name meaning “freeman of a borough” and is of English origin. While Burgess is mostly used as a surname, it has also been used quite frequently as a first name. We think this name has a strong, brave, independent regal air of a future aristocratic. You may also like: Burton, Braxton, Brantley


4. Bromley

Bromley is a boy’s name meaning “broom woodland clearing” and is of English origin. Bromley sounds eclectic and very British, that’s for sure, but we rather like it! You may also like: Brigham, Baxter, Bramwell


5. Carlyle

Carlyle is originally an Irish surname from Carlisle meaning: “fort settlement”. Carlyle has an unexpected sound, making it a perfect posh name. It’s also a name that’s not heard often, but one that makes a statement nonetheless. You may also like: Clive, Culver, Crawford


6. Eldon

Eldon is a boy’s name meaning “Ella hill” and is of English origin. Eldon is a less common name reminiscent of popular names starting with E, like Ethan and Evan. Still, it has a fluid, regal sound that will appeal to people drawn to posh names with British undertones. You may also like: Everett, Ellison, Ellis


7. Giles

Giles is a boy’s name meaning “kid, young goat” and is of English origin. While it rhymes with the name Miles, Giles is much less popular. Giles is sweet, crisp, and unexpected. A small name that packs a big punch in terms of class! You may also like: Graham, Golding, Garrison


8. Hucksley

Hucksley is a boy’s name meaning “inhospitable place” and is of English origin. Hucksley may not be the poshest meaning, but it certainly makes a statement. You may also like: Heath, Halston, Heston


9. Merritt

Merritt is a unisex name meaning “boundary gate” and is of English origin. A posh name, which quite literally means ‘boundary gate.’ Is this one of the most elite upper-class baby names ever? You may also like: Mortimer, Mallory, Morley


10. Preston

Preston is a boy’s name meaning “priest’s town” and is of English origin. An English name oozing with ivy league vibes is definitely posh and is full of class and personality. You may also like: Prescott, Pierce, Pierson


11. Kensington

Kensington is a unisex name meaning “the town of Cynsige’s People” and is of English origin. Kensington was originally a surname meaning, but nowadays, it makes a modern, polished first name. You may also like: Keats, Kenelm, Kelton


12. Ransley

Ransley is a boy’s name meaning “of the raven meadow” and is of English origin. If you’re looking for posh boys’ names with some regal Game of Thrones type flair, then Ransley may be perfect for you. You may also like:  Randall, Roscoe, Reeve


13. Sterling

Sterling is a unisex name meaning “starling” and is of English origin. Sterling also means ‘currency.’ Here’s hoping your little Sterling will have a prosperous future. You may also like:  Styles, Sullivan, Spencer


14. Talbot

Talbot is a boy’s name of English origin, meaning: “messenger of destruction.” Talbot might be just the unusual name you’ve been waiting for, unique and posh, name a more fitting duo …You may also like:  Tolliver, Tybalt, Tomlin


15. Wells

Wells is a boy’s name meaning “from the well” and is of English origin. If you are a posh name that’s short and sweet but still dignified, look no further than the studly Wells. You may also like:  Warwick, Wesley, Willougby



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