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30 Invented Names For Boys That Are As Unique As They Sound

As an expectant parent, you might think you’ve heard every name under the sun. Luckily, invented names for boys are being created every day as parents seek to find a unique name that presents their importance and individuality. So if you’re looking for a charming name that’s a bit less usual than (but just as appealing as) the ones you’re already familiar with, we’ve got you covered. Scroll through our top picks for adorable invented names for boys, and get inspired. 

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1. Alexavier

If you love the names Alexander and Xavier but want something a bit more off the beaten path, consider Alexavier. Combined with Alexander’s powerful meaning “defender of mankind,” and the Basque Xavier, meaning “new house,” this smoosh name will be a strong and bold choice. Real name alternative: Eleazar.


2. Averyn

Avery experienced a surge in popularity within the past decade, but we love the more modern take of Averyn for a boy. Still strong and romantic, Ave makes for an easy nickname. Real name alternative: Avon.


3. Bexam

Adding an “x” to a name automatically makes it cooler, but that’s not the only reason why we love this name. Bexam’s edgy uniqueness lends itself well to imbuing a sense of character to any child. Real name alternative: Beckham.


4. Braxley

Fresh, modern, and on-trend, Braxley sounds like an English surname or place name, but this name is a modern invention that feels traditional yet offbeat. This name is an easy new favorite. Real name alternative: Braxton.


5. Cadian

We’re totally digging this ancient Roman-inspired sounding name that is a combination of Adrian and Cade. Real name alternative: Adrian.


6. Cayan

If you want a name that is not going to be overused when your child is born, then you want to add Cayan to your list. This Bohemian-sounding nature name is similar to the word name Canyon but with Cayman Island vibes. Real name alternative: Canyon.


7. Daxwell

A modern twist on the charming name Maxwell the moniker Daxwell is a nice balance between being unique and sounding legitimate. Real name alternative: Dashiell.


8. Deveron

This is such a stunning, unique title perfect for parents who want to try something a little more original. We think Deveron sounds strong, sophisticated, and friendly.  Real name alternative: Devereux.


9. Dexten

The name Dexten sounds like the embodiment of cool, and what makes it even better is that it also carries its own nickname. ‘Dex’ can be used as a shortened version as the baby grows. Real name alternative: Dexter.


10. Elleon

Love the names Leon and Elijah; then you’ll adore Elleon, a cute combination of the two. We also love that this name can be shortened into Eli or Leo. Real name alternative: Elon.


11. Emerett

You might be surprised to find out that this isn’t a real name because it sounds so familiar, but Emerett is a combination of the popular Emmett and Everett. Quite frankly, we are surprised that this is so under the radar, scoop it up while you still can. Real name alternative: Emrys.


12. Estan

If this pronunciation sounds familiar, you may be thinking of the unisex name Easton. This modern take on the trendy directional name gives it an eclectic and straightforward feel. Real name alternative: Weston.


13. Fablen

This moniker sounds like it belongs to a character in The Hunger Games. Not only is it unique sounding, but it also gives off a sense of whimsy and strength. Real name alternative: Baylen.


14. Fauston

There’s no doubt this rare made-up boy name will bring your son good luck, it’s a smoosh name that combines Austin with the Latin name Faust meaning “good fortune.” Real name alternative: Fulton.


15. Hennix

Doesn’t this baby name just sound cool? Whether a parent is a fan of Jimmy Hendrix or loves nature names like Phoenix or is searching for a baby name with some zip, this new up and comer Hennix is definitely a title to add to the shortlist. Real name alternative: Hendrix.


16. Jareth

This powerful title belonged to the Gobin King in the 1986 film the Labyrinth starring David Bowie. We love this cute combination of Jared and Gareth. Real name alternative: Jared.


17. Jaxtyn

A twist on the traditional English name Jackson, which means “son of Jack.” This name feels both classic and edgy, which is perfect for a baby to grow into. Real name alternative: Mackson.


18. Jonovan

Here’s another moniker that sounds like it already exists! This fresh alternative to the classic name Johnathan has a bold, independent, and disciplined spirit making it a perfect name for any young boy. Real name alternative: Donovan.


19. Kacyen

Kacyen is a modern invented name without meaning of its own, but its a great choice for those who loved the names Kayden or Mason before they became hugely popular. Real name alternative: Hayden.


20. Kenzel

Kenzel makes for a cool and modern upgrade on the name Denzel. Plus, Kenz is the cutest nickname. Real name alternative: Denzel.


21. Kydeon

Kydeon is a strong, solid invented name that is whimsical yet masculine and dapper. This name will have a major cute factor when they’re young and a mysterious allure when they’re an adult. Real name alternative: Gideon.


22. Kylo

This name is similar to Mylo, which is probably why we like it so much, not to mention we love with the way it sounds, plus it’s short and sweet, so no nickname is necessary. Real name alternative: Mylo.


23. Lolan

Like Logan, but less mainstream. We think Lolan is arguably better, being equal parts unique and cool. Real name alternative: Nolan.


24. Norian

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another little dude named Norian. Even though it sounds a bit like Dorian, Norian is much more exotic. Real name alternative: Dorian.


25. Resven

Different but super cute? We think so. This name is for creative parents, and the cute Rez could be your go-to nickname. Real name alternative: Reverie.


26. Tersyn

It’s fun, different, and sounds like a mash-up of the English name Tyson and the Irish name Tiernan which results in this name meaning “firey little lord.” Were not sure about you, but this name is giving us total Game of Throne vibes. Real name alternative: Kiernan.


27. Tylan

Reminiscent of the more common name, Tyler, Tylan evokes a trendy playfulness. If you’re looking for something fresh and bold, look no further. Real name alternative: Tyrin.


28. Wylden

While you’re familiar with the name Wylder, we believe this modern variant has a more sophisticated sound that will give a tiny gentleman an air of classy coolness that won’t be able to be ignored. Real name alternative: Auden


29. Zabe

Sometimes, the best names are short and sweet, and Zabe fits into that category. A modern take on Gabe a short form of Gabriel, meaning “God is my strength.” Real name alternative: Gabe.


30. Zaxton

This cute, spunky name is the new version of the über-popular Jaxton. For parents looking for something that starts with a z, this should be kept in the running. Real name alternative: Maxton.

Extra special thanks to our favorite youtuber SJ Strum for some of the amazing names on this list.

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