sweetest Baby Names for Girls

30 of the Sweetest Baby Names for Girls You’ll Love

Embrace the joy of naming your little princess with our curated collection of the sweetest baby girl’s names. Overflowing with charm, grace, and an irresistible allure, these cute girl names are a melodic symphony of femininity and tenderness. From timeless classics that evoke nostalgia to contemporary gems exuding modern elegance, each baby girl’s name on this list whispers promises of love, strength, and a lifetime of cherished moments. Join us on this enchanting journey as we unveil 30 endearing names that capture the essence of sweetness and celebrate the precious arrival of your darling daughter. If you’re seeking inspiration for cute baby girl names, especially those that exude sweetness, this list provides a delightful selection to spark your creativity.

1. Amara

Everlasting (Latin) Girl
Amara is certainly worth considering for those parents looking for something beautiful in sound and not too rare.
You may also like: Alora, Amaya, Amora, Anya, Annie, Aubrey

2. Ava

Bird (Latin) Girl
Ava is a sweet-sounding name with a touch of old Hollywood glamour that’s also easily spelled.
You may also like: Ada, Adelie, Aria, Blair, Audrey, Anna

3. Bailey

Bailiff (English) Unisex
Bailey is a sweet gender-neutral name that’s slightly less popular than Hailey.
You may also like: Bayla, Beah, Bria, Birdie, Brooklyn, Briar

4. Brinley

Burnt meadow (English) Girl
Brinley will be a lovely choice for a baby girl. It has two cute nicknames, Brynn and Leigh.
You may also like: Bexley, Brayley, Brynslee, Skye, Bella, Bianca

5. Calliope

Beautiful voice (Greek) Girl
Similar in sound to the name Penelope, you won’t find this one on any popularity lists, but that just means that your daughter would be one-of-a-kind. They can go by their melodied full name, or shorten it to Poppy for something spunkier, or Callie for something soft and short. This one has an undeniably romantic charm, so be sure to snatch it up before your friends do.
You may also like: Callie, Camille, Chloe, Nala, Clementine, Angel

6. Cora

Maiden (Greek) Girl
Cora is a name that’s been on the rise in popularity thanks to its sweet and simple sound.
You may also like: Caia, Cleo, Clara, Ember, Cadence, Addison

7. Daisy

Day’s eye (English) Girl
The name Daisy is inspired by the gorgeous flowers. Another short name that comes across as sweet because the flower is a symbol of purity and innocence.
You may also like: Dahlia, Demi, Dora, Ruby, Delilah, Daphne, Aisha

8. Ellie

Bright one (English) Girl
“E” names are really trendy right now, and Ellie is a sweet choice. It’s traditionally the pet form of the female name Eleanor.
You may also like: Elle, Elodie, Ella, Piper, Leah, Cassandra

9. Emma

Universal (German) Girl
Emma is a timeless name that easily transitions to all ages.
You may also like: Emily, Esme, Else, Eden, Nora, Eloise, Emmy

10. Everly

From the boar meadow (English) Girl
Sweet and feminine, Everly is a stunning choice for parents looking for a touch of whimsy for their little girl’s name.
You may also like: Everleigh, Eulalie, Ensley, Elsie, Elsa

11. Evie

Life (Hebrew name) Girl
What a cute and sweet spin on the more traditional (and equally gorgeous) name Eve.
You may also like: Eva, Elise, Edie, Olivia, Goldie

12. Faye

Fairy (English) Girl
Faye is a great option for a girl if you’re looking for a lovely, sweet, classic baby name.
You may also like: Fia, Fiona, Flora, Arya

13. Felicity

Good fortune (French) Girl
If you’re looking for a baby name that may bring your family luck, look no further!
You may also like: Freya, Felice, Francesca, Kira, Gwen

14. Gia

God’s gracious gift (Italian) Girl
The name is often short for Gianna or even Giovanna but is a pretty cool name on its own, too. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a short and sweet moniker.
You may also like: Gabriella, Galilea, Gemma, Leia, Josie, Lia

15. Holly

Nature name (English) Girl
The name Holly is a great nod to nature. Hollies symbolize peace and would make an adorable choice, for your baby girl.
You may also like: Haisley, Hallie, Haya, Iris, Harper, Indigo, Hattie

16. Isla

Island (Spanish) Girl
The name Isla is also a Scottish name derived from Islay, the name of an island off the west coast of Scotland. If you’re looking for a location name with some international flair? Isla could be a great choice, especially for parents who are fans of islands or Scotland!
You may also like:
, Ila, Ilse, Ayla, Isabella, Jade

17. Ivy

Botanical name (English) Girl
Ivy is a sweet name for a girl and great for any nature-loving mom.
You may also like: Indie, Islay, Ida, Cali, Juniper, Avery

18. Kinsley

King’s Meadow or royal wood clearing (English) Girl
English surname-turned-first-name has a sweet aura about it one simply cannot deny.
You may also like: Kaia, Kenna, Kinley, Lola, Kate, Layne

19. Layla

Night (Arabic) Girl
Layla is a sweet name that implies a sense of mystery, strength, and a little bit of darkness.
You may also like: Lainey, Luna, Lyra, Noor, Laurel, Thea

20. Lilly

Lily flower (English) Girl
A charmingly feminine name for a little girl, perhaps your daughter reminds you of the blooming flower.
You may also like: Lila, Lillian, Lea, Mira, Moon

21. Mazie

Pearl (English) Girl
Mazie is a cute and sweet name, on the brink of a revival.
You may also like: Mabel, Macy, Maeve, Ruth, Mercy, Milly, Victoria, Alma

22. Mia

Bitter, mine (Scandinavian, Italian) Girl
With its international appeal, Mia is an excellent choice for parents looking for a sweet, elegant name for their daughter.
You may also like: Mila, Mina, Maya, Lucy, Maisie, Mae, Jasmine

23. Paisley

Church (Scottish) Girl
It is feminine, sweet, soft, and appealing, well suited to modern babies.
You may also like: Paizley, Preslee, Paloma, Remi, Nova, Noa

24. Posey

A bunch of flowers (English) Girl
If you love flowers, this is the perfect name for your little girl.
You may also like: Pia, Prue, Peony, Myra, Paige, Rosie

25. Poppy

Red flower (Latin origin) Girl
Poppy has a lovely upbeat sound and brings to mind beautiful gardens.
You may also like: Penelope, Phoebe, Pearl, Lexi, Olive, Astrid, Rory

26. Sadie

Princess (Hebrew) Girl
The name has a vintage flair that any little princess will love it.
You may also like: Saylie, Serenity, Stella, Shay, Sophia, Savannah, Sophie, Ariel

27. Tilly

Mighty in battle (German) Girl
Tilly is a name that might have once been thought of as old-fashioned, but it’s made a major comeback! The name comes from German Matilda.
You may also like: Taya, Tinley, Trinity, Lyla, Tessa, Rosa, Vera, Sara

28. Waverly

Quivering aspens (English) Girl
An uncommon name that is on the rise in popularity, Waverly has a whimsical quality with a sweet ring to it.
You may also like: Winslet, Wrenley, Wren, Reese, Naomi, Scarlett, Penny

29. Willa

Resolute protector (German) Girl
Willa is short for Wilhelmina, so parents can choose to have the full or short name given at birth, and either of them are equally sweet.
You may also like: Willow, Wilda, Wynter, Rhea, Natalie, Lana, Sofia

30. Zoe

Life (Greek origin) Girl
This lively, youthful name is sparkly and bubbly, and there’s something modern and cool about names that start with “z.”
You may also like: Zadie, Zara, Zoella, Kori, Erin, Sloane, Quinn

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