Calliope Meaning and Origin

Musical and melodious, Calliope is a gorgeous name for your child. They can go by their melodied full name, or shorten it to Poppy for something spunkier, or Callie for something soft and short. The name Calliope is a girl’s name meaning “beautiful voice” and is of Greek origin. Calliope is derived from the Greek elements kallos, “beauty,” and ops, “voice.” In Greek mythology, Calliope was one of the Muses-who presided over poetry, song, and the arts and sciences, often shown holding a poem in one hand and a trumpet in the other. She is commonly assumed to be Homer’s muse for the Iliad and the Odyssey or, in some cases, the mother of sirens. Hesiod and Ovid called her the “Chief of all Muses”. She is also the mother of Orpheus and the sun god Apollo. In the 1850s, a musical instrument was named after the goddess; like a siren, its sound could be heard for miles around. Calliopes’ image also appears on the François Vase, made by Ergotimos (570 BCE). Current Popularity: #691.

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