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Amaya Meaning and Origin

The name Amaya is of Basque, Japanese, and Hindi origin. In Basque, the name means “the end” or “the night rain.” In Japanese, it means “night rain” or “heavenly valley.” In Hindi, it means “without deceit” or “guileless.” The name Amaya has been increasing in popularity in recent years. In the United States, it ranked as the 187th most popular name for baby girls in 2020, according to the Social Security Administration. Famous Namesakes: There are several notable people with the name Amaya, including Amaya Valdemoro, a retired Spanish basketball player, and Amaya Brecher, an American rock climber. The name Amaya has also been used for fictional characters in various media. For example, in the animated television series “DC Super Hero Girls,” Amaya Jiwe is the alter ego of the superhero Vixen. Some variations of the name Amaya include Amaia, Amayah, Amaiya, and Amiya. Amaya has a rich history and meaning, and it has become increasingly popular in recent years.

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