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100 Hauntingly Gorgeous Dark and Romantic Goth Baby Names

Names with a vibe of darkness and mystery are all the rage, and there is no rule that says your baby’s name has to be all sunshine and daisies or even conventional. So if you’re looking for a gothic baby name on the darker side, check out our list of gothic baby girl names and boy names rooted in the spooky side of nature, history, and gothic literature. One trait these gothic names all share is a hint of romance, beauty, and subtle darkness. Take a look at these gothic names below if you like all things dark and romantic.

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1. Aaven
Boy. Old English origin, meaning: Fair radiance
Similar names: Alaric, Abbadon, Aelfwif

2. Amabel
Girl. Latin origin, meaning: Lovable
Similar names: Adrienne, Amaris, Annabel

3. Amarus
Boy. Greek origin, meaning: Unfading love
Similar names: Astaroth, Abnus, Avenal

4. Ambrose
Boy. English origin, meaning: Immortal
Similar names: Astrophel, Auberon, Addams

5. Ambrosina
Girl. This Greek name means: Immortal
Similar names: Acantha, Adara, Alarica

6. Amaya
Girl. Arabic origin, meaning: Night rain
Similar names: Aurora, Alina, Alvara

7. Amoret
Girl. English origin, literary name. A name from Spenser’s poem The Faerie Queene.
Similar names: Amiria, Annora, Aradia

8. Anastasia
Girl. Russian origin, meaning: Resurrection
Similar names: Aramantha, Artemia, Asura

9. Azazel
Boy. Hebrew origin, meaning: Scapegoat
Similar names: Azrael, Ascelin, Asher

10. Badriyah
Girl. Arabic origin, meaning: Resembling the full moon
Badriyah also makes for a great gothic girl name because there’s nothing quite as dark and mysterious as a full moon in the night sky.
Similar names: Blair, Belladonna, Bruna, Belinda

11. Belial
Boy. Hebrew origin, meaning: Scapegoat
Similar names: Blade, Briar, Blaise

12. Bram
Boy. Hebrew origin, meaning: Father of multitudes
Bram Stoker is an Irish author best known for the classic 19th-century horror novel ‘Dracula.’
Similar names: Brendan, Brander, Blackwell

13. Calidore
Boy. Greek origin, meaning: Beautiful gift
Similar names: Chaos, Cadell, Cadogan

14. Cassander
Boy. Greek origin, meaning: Shining or excelling man
Similar names: Crow, Caliban, Carbon

15. Chalice
Girl. Latin word, meaning: Cup
Similar names: Calista, Celestria, Circe

16. Chimera
Girl. Greek origin, meaning: She-goat
Similar names: Chandra, Crimson, Ciara, Calliope

17. Christabel
Girl. French and Latin origin, meaning: Beautiful Christ follower, beautiful Christian
Similar names: Constantia, Cordelia, Cinder

18. Corbin
Boy. English origin, meaning: Raven or crow
Similar names: Collis, Carey, Caedmon

19. Corvina 
Girl. Latin origin, meaning: Like a raven
Similar names: Chimaera, Calantha, Calida

20. Cyprian
Boy. Latin origin, meaning: A native of Cypress
Similar names: Cynfael, Cain, Clove

21. Damien
Boy. Russian origin, meaning: To tame
Similar names: Devin, Dusk, Draven

22. Deianira
Girl. Greek origin, meaning: Man destroyer
Deianira was a mortal princess in Greek mythology and also the wife of the Greek hero Heracles. Famously, Deianira also unintentionally caused her husband’s death. Deianira is a lovely exotic Greek name with a fierce and strong meaning.
Similar names: Damienne, Danika, Draconia, Dawn

23. Delora
Girl. Latin origin, meaning: From the sea of sorrows
Similar names: Dolores, Despoina, Diti

24. Desdemona
Girl. Greek origin, meaning: Ill-fated, unfortunate
Similar names: Diamanda, Dionisia, Dream

25. Devereux
Girl. French origin, meaning: From Evreux
Similar names: Darcy, Devany, Dorian, Dragon

26. Draxton
Boy. Modern invented name
Similar names: Devlin, Dante, Dargan, Draco

27. Drusilla
Girl. Latin origin, meaning: Fruitful
A character name on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Similar names: Daphne, Davina, Desiree

28. Duvessa
Girl. Irish origin, meaning: Dark beauty
Similar names: Deva, Delyth, Despina

29. Drystan
Boy. Welsh origin, meaning: Full of sorrow
Similar names: Daemon, Dagon, Daray

30. Edgar
Boy. English origin, meaning: Wealthy spearman
Similar names: Eoghan, Elwin, Eldritch

31. Edwards
Boy. English and Welsh origin, meaning: Son of Edwards
Similar names: Ettore, Eerie, Endymion

32. Elsinore
Girl. Danish origin, meaning: Neck, narrow strait
Similar names: Elvira, Ebony, Edana

33. Elysium
Girl. Latin origin, meaning: Home of the blessed after death
Similar names: Eirene, Eirisse, Eirlys

34. Emmeranne
Girl. English origin, meaning: Raven
Similar names: Eleanore, Endora, Erela

35. Emrys
Gender-neutral. Welsh via Greek origin, meaning: Immortal one
Similar names: Ember, Eris, Eilif

36. Enola
Girl. Native American origin, meaning: Solitary
Similar names: Esmerée, Ethelinda, Electra

37. Etienne
Girl. French origin, meaning: Crown or garland
Similar names: Estelle, Eternity, Eurydice

38. Eulalie 
Girl. Greek origin, meaning: Well-spoken
Similar names: Elodie, Empusa, Elatha

39. Evaluna
Girl. A modern invented combination meaning: Life moon
Similar names: Eventide, Eva, Elowen

40. Everalda
Girl. English origin, meaning: Boar battle
Similar names: Emerald, Eudora, Esmeray

41. Fenris
Boy. Scandinavian origin, meaning: Giant mythical wolf
Similar names: Forrest, Fabian, Fenrir

42. Feronia
Girl. Latin origin, meaning: Goddess of springs and woods
Similar names: Fae, Fala, Fionna

43. Frey
Boy. Scandinavian origin, meaning: Lord, exalted one
Similar names: Foxglove, Florian, Franz

44. Gavriel
Boy. Hebrew origin, meaning: God is my strength
Similar names: Gawain, Gabriel, Gaur

45. Gedeon
Boy. Russian origin, meaning: Hewer
Similar names: Gossamer, Grimbald, Griffin

46. Grayer
Boy. English origin, meaning: Gray-haired
Similar names: Grey, Gryphon, Gorey

47. Gregoria
Girl. Latin origin, meaning: Watchful or vigilant
Similar names: Gehenna, Grendel, Griselda

48. Grimoire
Boy. English origin, meaning: A book of magic spells and invocations
Similar names: Gauis, Griffith, Grove

49. Guinevere
Girl. Welsh origin, meaning: Fair, white and smooth
Similar names: Garnet, Gwendoline, Gwendydd

50. Hadrien
Boy. French and Latin origin, meaning: Dark-haired
Similar names: Hannibal, Hunter, Hellebore, Hamlet

51. Hecate
Girl. Greek mythology origin, meaning: Willpower, far-reaching
A Greek goddess associated with demons, witchcraft, and the underworld.
Similar names: Hazelle, Hera, Hadria

52. Helmer
Boy. German and Dutch origin, meaning: The wrath of a warrior
Similar names: Hemlock, Hawk, Hler

53. Hesperia
Girl. Greek origin, meaning: Evening star
Similar names: Hamna, Hestia, Hagatha

54. Isidore
Boy. English origin, meaning: Gift of Isis
Similar names: Ingram, Israfel, Idris

55. Isolabella
Girl. Italian origin, meaning: The beautiful lonely one, Isola Bella is a place name in Italy.
Similar names: Ianira, Ivy, Isolde

56. Jebzebel
Girl. Hebrew origin, meaning: Unexalted
Similar names: Jetta, Jocasta, Juliet

57. Kieran
Gender-neutral. Irish origin, meaning: Little dark-haired one, dark complexion
Similar names: Krishna, Khalida, Kali

58. Lestat
Boy. Lestat is a fictional character name invented by author Anne Rice.
Similar names: Lazarus, Lennon, Lucifer

59. Livana
Girl. Hebrew origin, meaning: The moon, white
Similar names: Lilith, Laila, Lamya, Luna

60. Lola
Girl. Spanish origin, meaning: Sorrows
Similar names: Leila, Lela, Lanira

61. Lorcan
Boy. Irish origin, meaning: Fierce one, an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Lorcán.
Similar names: Leandor, Leviathan, Loki

62. Lucius
Boy. Latin origin, meaning: Light
Similar names: Lucien, Lycidas, Lothaire

63. Lucretia
Girl. Latin origin, meaning: Wealth
Similar names: Lenore, Lisha, Leandra

64. Lysander
Boy. Greek origin, meaning: Liberator
Similar names: Lugosi, Linus, Luan

65. Mallory
Girl. English via French origin, meaning: Unfortunate
Similar names: Morgana, Melantha, Magena

66. Mara
Girl. Hebrew origin, meaning: Bitter
Similar names: Maureen, Marcellina, Medora, Muse

67. Merl
Girl. French origin, meaning: Blackbird
Similar names: Meredith, Mina, Minerva

68. Nephilim
Boy. Hebrew origin, meaning: The fallen ones
Similar names: Nyx, Noir, Necro

69. Nerissa
Girl. Greek origin, meaning: Sea sprite
Similar names: Nisha, Narcissa, Naenia

70. Obsidian
Boy. Latin origin, meaning: Of Obsidius, gemstone
Similar names: Onyx, Osiris, Oberon

71. Oleander
Gender-neutral. Botanical name
Similar names: Orion, Orchid, Orlok

72. Octavius
Boy. Latin origin, meaning: Eighth
Similar names: Ozul, Oskar, Ozzie

73. Ophelia
Girl. Greek origin, meaning: Help
Similar names: Orenda, Ostara, Orusula

74. Orpheus
Boy. Greek origin, meaning: The darkness of the night
Orpheus was a musician and poet in Greek mythology who ventured into the underworld to retrieve his dead wife from Hades.
Similar names: Ollivander, Osric, Odin

75. Pandora
Girl. Greek origin, meaning: All gifts
Pandora was the first mortal woman in ancient Greek mythology.  In Greek mythology, Pandora unleashed evil and misery on the world. She was used as an instrument in the wrath of Zeus to punish Prometheus.
Similar names: Parisa, Philomena, Primrose

76. Phaedre
Girl. Greek origin, meaning: Bright
Similar names: Poe, Pagan, Persephone

77. Perdita
Girl. Latin origin, meaning: Lost
Similar names: Petra, Pixie, Phoenix

78. Quillon
Boy. French origin, meaning: Crossed swords
Similar names: Qadir, Quillan, Quantavius

79. Raphael
Boy. Hebrew origin, meaning: God has healed
Similar names: Ransley, Renwick, Rogue

80. Rhydian
Boy. Welsh origin, meaning: Red
Similar names: Riordan, Requiem, Reign

81. Rosary
Girl. Latin origin, meaning: A crown of roses or garland of roses
Similar names: Raven, Radella, Roesia

82. Saber
Boy. French origin, meaning: Sword
Similar names: Shadow, Salem, Stone

83. Sabrina
Girl. Celtic mythology name
Similar names: Sabelina, Sapphira, Solanine

84. Samara
Girl. Hebrew and Arabic origin, meaning: Guardian or protected by God
Similar names: Scarlett, Semyazza, Silva

85. Shyam
Boy. Sanskrit origin, meaning: Dark blue
Similar names: Samael, Storm, Sparrow

86. Taliesin
Gender-neutral. Welsh origin, meaning: Radiant brow
Similar names: Tanith, Twilight, Tearle

87. Temperance
Girl. English origin, meaning: Moderation or restraint
Similar names: Titania, Tempest, Tabitha

88. Thana
Girl. Arabic origin, meaning: Death
Similar names: Trista, Tamora, Tristessa

89. Theodosia
Girl. Greek origin, meaning: God’s gift
Similar names: Timandra, Thyia, Trixie

90. Thorne
Boy. English origin, meaning: From the thorn bush
Similar names: Tierney, Tueur, Torion

91. Thorsten
Boy. Scandinavian origin, meaning: Thor’s stone
Similar names: Tartarus, Tristan, Thanatos

92. Trevelyan
Boy. Cornish origin, meaning: Homestead on the hill
Similar names: Theoden, Thanos, Theseus

93. Tristian
Boy. Celtic origin, meaning: Tumult; outcry
Similar names: Talon, Theron, Tyrion

94. Turaya
Girl. Arabic origin, meaning: Star
Similar names: Thora, Tove, Thomasin

95. Valerian
Boy. Slavic origin, meaning: Strength
Similar names: Valentine, Victor, Vero

96. Velvet
Gender-neutral. English origin. Velvet is a soft luxurious fabric coveted by goths, and the dark the color, the better.
Similar names: Valen, Valo, Vere, Valentina

97. Vesper
Gender-neutral. Latin origin, meaning: Evening star
Similar names: Vespera, Valor, Vivian, Ursula

98. Vladimir
Boy. Slavic origin, meaning: To rule with greatness
Similar names: Varan, Vittorio, Viridius

99. Voltaire
Boy. French origin, meaning: Determined thing
Similar names: Vadim, Viator, Viserys

100. Zyphr
Boy. Greek origin, meaning: West wind
Similar names: Zane, Zacchaeus, Zolton, Zephyr

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