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Trevelyan Meaning and Origin

Trevelyan is a boy’s name of Cornish origin, meaning “homestead on the hill, mill.” The name Trevelyan is derived from the Old Cornish name “Trevelian,” which itself comes from the Cornish words “tre,” meaning “homestead” or “settlement,” and “velyan,” possibly derived from “vel,” meaning “mill.” So, Trevelyan essentially means “homestead of the mill” or “mill settlement.” Trevelyan is a distinctive and elegant name that carries an air of heritage and tradition. It conjures images of rural English landscapes, with charming millhouses nestled amidst lush countryside. It’s a name that evokes a sense of history and connection to the land. Parents who choose the name Trevelyan for their child may be seeking a name that reflects their appreciation for nature, history, and a touch of timeless sophistication. Trevelyan is not a widely popular name and is relatively rare. It’s more likely to be found as a surname than a first name. Due to its unique and old-fashioned charm, it could appeal to those looking for a name that stands out from the crowd. While Trevelyan is not a common first name, it has been used as a surname by notable individuals. One of the most famous individuals with the surname Trevelyan is Charles Trevelyan (1807-1886), a British civil servant and colonial administrator who played a significant role in the administration of India during the British colonial period.

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