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Badriyah Meaning and Origin

Badriyah is a girl’s name meaning “resembling the full moon” and is of Arabic origin. The name is derived from the Arabic word “badr” which means “full moon”. Therefore, Badriyah can be translated to mean “like a full moon” or “resembling the full moon”. The name is often considered a poetic and romantic name in Arabic culture. It is also the name of the second year of the Prophet Muhammad’s stay in Medina, considered the second-holiest of three cities in Islamic tradition. Badriyah has been a popular name among Muslims, especially in the Middle East and North Africa, where Arabic is the primary language. It is also used by Arabic-speaking communities around the world. Famous people with the name Badriyah include Badriyah Al-Bishr, a Saudi Arabian writer and women’s rights activist, and Badriyah Fayez, a Saudi Arabian politician who served as the Minister of Labor and Social Development. Badriyah also makes for a great goth name because there’s nothing quite as dark and mysterious as a full moon in the night sky. 

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