Lola Meaning and Origin

Lola is a girl’s name of Spanish origin, meaning “sorrows.” It is often considered a diminutive of the name Dolores, which means “sorrows” or “suffering” in Spanish. Despite its somewhat melancholic origin, Lola has evolved into a name that exudes a sense of energy, playfulness, and charisma. Lola is a name that dances on the tongue and carries a sense of joie de vivre. Its spirited and lively nature makes it a perfect fit for individuals who radiate positivity and a zest for life. The name Lola strikes a harmonious balance between vintage charm and modern flair, making it an appealing choice for both classic and contemporary tastes. Lola has experienced a resurgence in popularity over the years, often featuring on lists of trendy and fashionable names. Its rhythmic sound and charismatic charm have attracted parents seeking a name that is both memorable and distinctive. While it might not be as common as some other names, Lola has maintained a steady presence in baby name charts, often hovering within the top 100 names in various countries. Famous People Named Lola: Lola Montez: A famous 19th-century Spanish dancer and courtesan who gained fame for her beauty and captivating performances. Lola Kirke: An English-American actress and singer known for her roles in films like “Gone Girl” and the TV series “Mozart in the Jungle.” Lola Albright: An American actress and singer who appeared in various films and TV shows, including the television series “Peter Gunn.”

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