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Beautiful Place Names for Girls

Ready to travel with us? You never know where the inspiration for baby names might appear, a good place that you may not have considered looking is a globe. Place names are becoming an increasingly popular choice for baby names. Your favorite travel destinations can be a great source of inspiration. Why not give your baby girl a name that’s worldly, fun, and unexpected? So, without further ado, here are some of some baby names inspired by places around the world.

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Adelaide is a girl’s name of English origin meaning: “noble”. Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia, named in honor of Queen Adelaide. The name Adelaide is classic and dignified, with just the right amount of energy and brightness. Not to mention it’s vintage charm and wealth of nicknames.



Adelie is a girl’s name of French origin meaning: “noble”. There is a place in Antarctica named Adelie Land that was discovered by a French explorer who named it after his wife, Adèle. Adelie is the perfect name if you’re looking for something cute with French flair.



Alexandria is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning: “defender of man”. Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt and was once the largest city in the ancient world. Alexandria is a strong name that’s pretty and feminine, without being too delicate.



Avalon is a girl’s name of Welsh origin meaning: “island of apples”. Avalon is the legendary island where King Arthur’s sword was forged. Avalon is an unusual and enchanting name, but not too out-there, which makes it a refreshing change from Ava and Alison.



Cambria is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning: “Wales”. Cambria was coined in the Middle Ages as the Latinized word for the country of Wales. Cambria is easily adaptable with nicknames and a great choice if you’re looking for something that sounds beautiful yet sophisticated.



Ellera is a girl’s name of Italian origin meaning: “cheerful”. Ellera is also the name of an Italian village located in Liguria, Italy. Ellera is pretty, unique, interesting, and surprisingly uncommon, in other words, its the total package.



Florence is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning: “blossom”. Florence is the capital city of the Tuscany region in Italy. Florence is a charming, sweet, old-fashioned name that has it all, really.



Georgia is an English girl’s name meaning: “farmer”. Georiga is the name of a country in Europe and also the name of a U.S. state named after King George II of England. Georgia is a classic but current, dainty name that reminds us of a warm summer day.



Illyria is a girl’s name that comes from a region in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula, that was once inhabited by a tribe known as the Illyrians. Illyria is a poetic name that’s both pretty and feminine.



India is a girl’s name and a country that takes its name from the Indus river. India has a soft, feminine exotic feel while still maintaining its uniqueness.



Kerala is a girl’s name and the name of a city located on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India. Kerala is a mix of cute and pretty with a bit of exotic flair thrown in for good measure.



Larissa is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning: “citadel”. The name Larissa is from the name of the Greek ancient city, Larisa in Thessaly. Larissa is a gorgeous name with a European vibe that’s a perfect alternative to Melissa or Alyssa.



Lesina is a girl’s name and a town that is located in the province of Foggia, Italy. It is also an island in the Adriatic Sea. Lesina is a beautiful romantic name with a classical feel.



Lourdes is a girl’s name of French origin meaning: “craggy slope”. Lourdes is a town located in southwestern France, that became a large Catholic pilgrimage site. Lourdes is a name with connotations of healing and miracles. And what could be more lovely than to be named after a small town in the south of France?



Nolita is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning: “unwilling”. Nolita is also a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. The spunky and unexpected Nolita is a great alternative if you love the name Lolita but not the negative connotations.



Odessa is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning: “wrathful”. Odessa or Odesa is a city located on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea in Ukraine. Odessa is a name that reminds us of the elegance and beauty of Valentina or Penelope, but is more dramatic and less popular, for now. Bonus: cute nickname Essa/ Dessa.



Elegant? Timeless? Classic? Southern? Check. Savannah is a sweet and soft name full of sunshine. Savannah is a girl’s name of Spanish origin meaning: “treeless plain”. It is also the name of a city in the state of Georgia that’s packed with tons of southern hospitality.



Selma is a girl’s name of unknown origin and also the name of a city located on the banks of the Alabama River, in Dallas County, Alabama. Selma is a sweet vintage name with lots of charm. It is an underused gem in America but has gained wide popularity in Scandinavia.



Seneca is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning: “old”. Derived from Dutch Sennecas, a name for the Iroquois tribes in which a town in upper New York Seneca, is named after. Seneca is a unique name that sounds both soft and strong at the same time.



Sienna or Siena is a girl’s name and a city in Tuscany, Italy. The name Sienna brings to mind all of Italy’s warmth and adventure.



Thera is a girl’s name of Greek origin and also the ancient name of the Greek island Santorini. Thera is a strong and feminine name that’s a fresh alternative to the increasingly popular Athena.



Thessaly is a girl’s name of Greek origin and the name of a region in eastern central Greece. Thessaly is a strong and beautiful name rooted in history.



Varese is a girl’s name and a city located in the Lombardy region, of northern Italy. Varese makes an elegant and exotic alternative to the name Reese.



Verona is a girl’s name and an Italian city in northeastern Italy located on the Adige River in Veneto. Verona was made famous by Shakespeare in his play Romeo and Juliet. Verona is a lovely name that’s has a romantic, grown-up feel.



Virginia is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning: “virgin”. Virginia is also a U.S. state that was named for Queen Elizabeth I of England. Virginia is a timeless and elegant name that’s pretty and not too frilly.



Winslet is a girl’s name of  English origin meaning: “Wynn’s stream”. The name Winslet is a surname and place name that was first recorded in 1086. Winslet is a star-studded surname that’s romantic and sophisticated with cute nickname potential. We think “Winnie” is a winner – pun intended.


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